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Sea, sun and plastic surgery: Cosmetic Surgery holiday hotspots

Going on holidays to undergo plastic surgery is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon: a recent article revealed that cosmetic surgery tourism for Brits has more than doubled over the past few years. Although Harley Street clinics are still high in demand, British patients are also developing a taste for more exotic places under the sun and here’s our top 10.

1. Seoul

Seoul has been nicknamed “plastic surgery capital” by many newspapers. It’s the number one hotspot for plastic and cosmetic surgery: the very famous JK Plastic Surgery is now a reference in the field and you can get pretty much anything done in this luxury VIP clinic.

2. Bangkok

Bangkok is the destination of choice especially for women looking to get breasts implants. The St Carlos medical center is one of the most popular spots: it’s luxurious but very affordable (a night in this clinic will cost you less than a bed in a Taiwanese hospital).

3. Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is world famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and a voluptuous ideal of femininity, an ideal that’s largely been created and emphasised by the huge popularity of plastic surgery in the country. Plastic surgery clinics often partner up with travel agents to offer full makeover holidays packages and the competition is so big that prices can get very low indeed.

4. Venezuela

Venezuela has elevated buttock implant surgery to an artform: the Caribbean International Plastic Surgery is one of the most popular spots to get it done before enjoying the beaches near Caracas.

5. South Africa

In South Africa, you can now enjoy going on a safari as well as getting cheekbone implants and/or a facelift as part of your holidays. This most unlikely association has been made possible by the company Surgeon and Safari in 2009 and the concept is growing in popularity every year.

6. Jamaica

Jamaica is a sure hotspot for all botox fanatics out there. The Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay in particular has become a post-surgery relaxing place for all patients who opt to go under the knife of celebrity surgeon Z. Paul Lorenc.

7. Costa Rica

For the perfect smile, don’t look further than Costa Rica that can boast some of the most talented plastic and dentistry specialists.

8. Philippines

Anyone looking for a cheap and cheerful complete makeover under the sun should book themselves in the Cosmetic Plastic of Dr. Lasa in the Philippines.

9. Prague

Prague has become a reference for all things rhinoplasty related. The Brandeis clinic located in the old center of town is one of the most popular and reliable, for a quick nose job before heading out in the town and enjoying some time away.

10. Switzerland

Facelifts are one of the most popular procedures in Switzerland. Combined with a thalassotherapy trip to the Leman lake, it’s a revered surgery hotspot for all women looking to buy a second life.

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