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Things you should pack to get the most of Amsterdam

Going on holiday always begins with a stressful time when it comes to packing, but when you’re planning to visit the laid back city of Amsterdam, packing should be the last thing on your mind. Depending on how long you’re going to Amsterdam for (most trips range from 3-7 days), you might be able to get away with using hand luggage, but even if you’re going for a long time, you don’t need to pack thousands of clothes to get the most out of Amsterdam.

Make sure you check the weather at the time you’re going to go before you start packing. This will help you to decide between the jeans and the shorts you were going to pack. Along with your travel insurance, European Health Insurance Card and passport, which are vital for any trip to Europe, there are certain items that you should always pack, all year round, in order to get the most of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam canalFlat Shoes

The likelihood when you travel to Amsterdam is that you’re going to be walking around a lot, exploring all the different things to see and do. The streets of Amsterdam are cobbled, and so are definitely not safe for those high heels you were thinking about packing. Flat shoes, such as trainers or pumps, are your best bet to get the most out of your trip without twisting an ankle. Shoes that are slip resistant and offer a good grip are also recommended. The cobbled streets and uneven pavements can be slippery and there’s a high chance that at some point during your trip you’ll jump on one of the many bikes to explore the city.

Raincoat or Umbrella

In Amsterdam, no matter what time of year, there’s always a chance of a quick downpour. Packing a good raincoat or umbrella which you can carry around with you in your bag without it causing too much trouble is always a good idea. Getting caught in a five minute downpour with the unpredictable Amsterdam weather is never great. Even if it doesn’t rain, carrying around an umbrella isn’t a huge inconvenience.


No city should be explored without a camera in tow. Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and vibrant city’s in Europe, so taking a camera is a must. Whether it’s used to scour the Anne Frank Museum or the Red Light District, snap a picture of a canal or simply to document the amazing people you meet or things you’ve seen, taking a camera with you for your trip is a must. But don’t forget the memory cards, chargers or film – and a power adapter so you can be sure to charge all of your electrical devices.


Sunglasses are a vital part of any trip, even in the winter. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun and its reflection off of the cobblestone streets, which is great in the summer or if it rains, it also gives you a disguise when you’ve spent too long in the cannabis coffee shops or had too much to drink the night before. Sunglasses should always be a go to accessory on any trip. They will help your sensitive eyes recover so you jump straight back in the deep end the next day.


Clothing might seem like an obvious one, but if you’re looking to blend in with the crowd in Amsterdam rather than sticking out like a tulip, then neutral colours such as black, denim, army green and tan should be what you pack. The general style in Amsterdam is a bit like grunge meets vintage, but the atmosphere is very casual, so jeans and trainers should be your go to sightseeing clothes. Bicycle, amsterdamEven on a night out, we’d recommend staying away from heels unless you really want to risk the cobbled streets (they take up precious packing room anyway), but any sort of dress code is appropriate for Amsterdam’s scandalously-legal night life.

Now you’ve got an idea of what to pack to get the most out of your trip to Amsterdam, you should be almost ready to go. As long as you have your vital documents and European Health Insurance Card, then you should be ready to visit one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in Europe.

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