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Deals, Europe   28 Apr, 2016, 14:14
Get geared up for this year’s European road trip  
Jack Barker

Thinking of driving into Europe this summer? On the continent new regulations continue to change on what to carry and how to drive. Jack Barker has some early warnings

Editorials, Pole to Pole   28 Apr, 2016, 11:03
A guide to the movements of world shipping  

Researchers from the University of London and data visualization company Kiln have come up with a detailed map of 2012’s cargo ship movements on a bathymetric map. Could watch this for hours.

Middle East   26 Apr, 2016, 11:50
Israel’s birth explained – in 450 words  
Gordon Kerr

Gordon Kerr”s new book, ‘A short history of the Middle East’ is admirably concise. His explanation of the creation of the state of Israel is a masterpiece of clarity.

Asia Pacific   25 Apr, 2016, 14:29
Are Thailand’s cockfighters cleaning up their act?  
Crystal Wilde

Love it or loathe it, cockfights take place in several southeast asian countries. Crystal Wilde brings a video insight into a largely hidden sport.

Deals, Europe   25 Apr, 2016, 13:14
The best entertainment spots to hit in Barcelona  
Paul Woollacombe

At the heart of Catalonia, the city of Barcelona has a huge amount to offer visitors. Paul Wollacombe is your guide to what to see and do.

Americas   19 Apr, 2016, 16:39
A beginner’s experience of life in Cuba  
Manya Chylinski

As the Caribbean’s most populous Hispanic island finally opens links with America, Manya Chylinski is amongst the first go on a cultural exchange. The island and its people, she says, are truly captivating.

Deals, Europe   15 Apr, 2016, 13:45
Europe’s most popular destinations for 2016’s summer  
Lucy Barker

Now is the time to think about your summer travel plans. Lucy Barker predicts the destinations she thinks are the hottest choices for the upcoming year.

Asia Pacific, Central Asia   15 Apr, 2016, 13:21
Land-locked Laos – with three ‘L’s at the end  
Brian Fisher

Brian W Fisher takes a tour of Southeast Asia’s most reclusive country, tiny landlocked Laos. Distressingly he observes, in the end, it’s a ‘Land of Linear Litter’.

Africa   9 Apr, 2016, 10:56
How to structure a safari, as adventure or honeymoon  
Charles Goodwin

A safari is not just for specialists. Charles Goodwin says they’re an appropriate celebration of any occasion, and can operate on a range of budgets. He shares some tips about planning the perfect African journey.

Asia Pacific   6 Apr, 2016, 09:15
Too much to do on a Singapore stopover  
Rosie Milne

Should you be using Changi Airport as a far-eastern hub, Singapore resident Rosie Milne suggests you break your journey for a while. There is plenty to see and do.

Deals, Europe   4 Apr, 2016, 16:40
At last. A booking service for the UK’s character accommodation.  
Lucy Barker

The big aggregators are all very well for the major hotels chains. But the smaller, independent b&b’s, hostels and boutique hotels that discerning travellers require tend to get swamped as ‘Specialty Lodgings’. These are the sort of places handled by Eviivo: Lucy Barker introduces their latest infographic tracking travel trends.

Asia Pacific   4 Apr, 2016, 14:14
In Beijing it takes two traditional doctors for one night’s sleep  
Dustin Grinnell

When Dustin Grinnell spends three nights in China’s capital he finds it strangely hard to sleep. Two traditional Chinese doctors go to great lengths to solve his insomnia but in the end he decides he just doesn’t care.

Deals, Europe   1 Apr, 2016, 11:04
The Best Man’s essential guide to Stag Do planning abroad  
Paul Woollacombe

Perhaps the most important part of the wedding is the Stag Do, and planning it is up to the Best Man. Paul Woollacombe has some words of advice.

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