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The Best Man’s essential guide to Stag Do planning abroad

When it comes to planning a wedding it isn’t just the bride and groom who have a stressful time on their hands, the best man does too. All weddings aren’t complete without a stag or hen do, it has now become a very common tradition to give friends a big send off before they get married. Those few who have been chosen to organise such events want to make it as memorable as the wedding. If you have decided to travel for a stag do, there are many different countries in Europe which can be the perfect place for a stag do. Just ensure the whole group has an up-to-date passport as well as a valid EHIC before you book.

Airplane shotPlan In Advance

As a best man you have been entrusted to carry out many duties, and one of them is a stag do. Before planning anything ensure to consult the groom on possible dates and styles of the do. Once possible dates have been suggested, make sure to give plenty of notice to the other guests who will be going on the stag do.

Most people have complex work and family commitments, so it is best to have a compromised date that suits as many people as possible. It is also best to have the stag do take place at least three months before the wedding, as the groom and other members may need time to heal and recover. On stag do’s always be prepared for anything so remember to pack your European Health Card for you-never-know emergencies.

Set A Clear Budget

The groom will have a list of people he will want to attend, to ensure as many key players are able to go, be careful not to price anybody out. You will want people to come who will make it fun and memorable not just those who can afford. Before anything is booked, try to get a rough target budget per head and inform those who are invited that way they will be able to budget to afford it.

Picking The Destination

Now that the date and budget has been set, try to decide where you will be going. There are of course plenty of places in London but they can be just as expensive as travelling to places in Europe. So why not get more for your money? Then you can visit a place you have never been to before. Some of the best and cheapest places in Europe for a stag do include Prague, Budapest, Krakow, Riga, Tallinn and Bratislava. To find the best possible deal on the stag do there are plenty of comparison websites you can turn to. When it comes to your hotel make it a basic one as you won’t be spending much time there. It is just a base to rest and it would be a waste of money to spend a lot.

Malta's inexpensive

Malta’s inexpensive

Take Charge of Introductions

As a best man you will have a lot of responsibility on your plate, one of those will be making the introduction to guests who don’t know each other. A nice way to remedy the awkward conversation is to prepare some ice breakers in the form of games or fun anecdotes about the groom. As this will immediately spark conversation and get each member of the group involved. Try to get everyone’s mobile numbers just in case any members get broken away from the group on the stag do.

Be Prepared

Any best man planning a stag do abroad will need to have an action plan no matter what happens whether that is if people go missing, venues are closed and the weather affects plans that have been made. Once you have booked it is best to do research on the place and have a back-up list of venues and ideas. As most stag party members are happy to go along with whatever the best man has planned for everyone.

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