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At last. A booking service for the UK’s character accommodation.

There’s a lot be said for the revolutions brought about by Tripadvisor and They’ve brought up standards of service and increased the instant power of consumers to get complaints heard – loud and clear.

There are drawbacks too. The big corporate giants charge an arm and a leg, for a start, so it’s not an option for smaller, less expensive hostels, b&b’s, pubs and inns, self-catering cottages or boutique hotels.

The big aggregators don’t care. They’d rather push more people into more, larger hotels.

The smaller, more character-led establishements could do well to look at Eviivo. This is a UK-based site set up specifically to cater for smaller operators, that would normally be dismissed as ‘Specialty Accommodations’. They’ll provide a fully managed website fully optimised for mobile use on a domain that you own and they’ll host it for free.

Eviivo is also a lighter option for smaller budgets, charging on average 1% of extra bookings generated.

Make up your own mind. Till then, keep ahead of the market by taking a look at their latest survey of travel trends. Below.

Eviivo infographic

Room Occupancy Trends 2016 – An infographic by the team at eviivo

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