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Travel to London & buy the perfect wedding dress

Finding the best wedding dress shops in London is a crucial part, for many people, of preparing for the bride’s big day and because it is not always easy to find ‘The One’ that the bride believes is their perfect gown.

For many brides-to-be, wedding dress shopping can be an emotional experience with a fraught trip around many boutiques to try on as many dresses they think are suitable.
However, it also means having to decide whether their wedding dress is going to be satin or lace and whether it comes with a veil or train. Trends in wedding dress design are also important and the bride may decide, for instance, they want a dipped back.

Wedding dresses

Prices for wedding dresses vary depending on the design, style and boutique itself with couture dresses particularly helping to create a memorable day, though they tend to be pricier.

Other wedding dress shops also offer vintage dresses as well as the fun and eye-catching designs while others offer truly timeless wedding gowns that are streamlined and flatter the bride.

While some bridal gown stores focus on big-name designers, others offer less well-known names and even their own creations and with an on-site seamstress any alterations can be done to create the dream wedding dress.

Finding a designer in London

Wedding dress pictureIndeed, finding designer wedding dresses in London means there’s a wide variety of boutique shops and designers to choose from and they offer a range of trendy traditional designs including sheer fabric tops and cropped hemlines.

There’s also a trend with the capital’s designers, and also for those in New York too, for trouser suits to be the choice for brides today while others opt for classic styles but push the boundaries when it comes to silhouettes, shapes and shades.

There’s no doubt that the capital has some of the best options for those looking for wedding dresses and it’s not just for people living in the capital but also further afield in the UK and Ireland, for instance.

London is home to a wide range of bridal wear boutiques

Indeed, London is home to a wide range of bridal wear boutiques as well as wedding dress shops that have the latest and most incredible variety of styles from catwalk designed to original vintage wedding dresses.

Some of the capital’s flagship stores also host some of the best known bridal designers in the world so those looking for wedding dresses will find something they will like from the range available in many a smart bridal shop.

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