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Pre-loved timeshares make bargain holidays

There’s a safe way to enter the shark-infested waters of the timeshare market: buy or rent direct from owners, and go for second-hand, not new.

It’s widely known that the fastest way to lose money is to buy a new car. The drive off the forecourt will cost you 20% of its value.

This is even more true of the overseas property market. Signing up for a new timeshare property is likely to be one of the most expensive decisions you ever make. All those promotional holidays, relentless touts and smooth-talking salesmen have to be paid for, and it’s the new-build buyers who pay.

Timeshare beachThings get very different when you buy on the resale market. Many of the people who have bought timeshares find that they don’t use all their allotted time – or decide to sell up completely. There’s no way a private individual can compete with the major timeshare operators’ slick marketing: the only way they can sublet or sell their timeshare is to drop their price to an affordable level. And thankfully there’s a website,, that makes this easy.

There are many good reasons for choosing a timeshare. Unlike traditional hotels you’ll generally get two separate bedrooms making it easy to accommodate families. Specifications are generally high, and you can expect a fully-fitted kitchen to save money on meals and a flat-screen TV if you decide to stay in. The major Timeshare operators are careful to provide the swimming pools, restaurants and shops that holidaymakers require, and it’s easy to just slot in to a purpose-built property to ensure your holiday away is completely stress-free.

Most importantly this can be very cost-effective. The website is subscription-based and there are no whopping commissions to pay.

Dip your toes in the water by renting an unused week or two before buying. Many timeshare owners find they can’t use up their allotted holiday. On owners can advertise their timeshares for rent at reasonable prices.

Or dive in and buy a complete timeshare contract. There are many reasons people want to sell on their timeshares: circumstances change, children come and go, and finances go up or down. makes it easy for them to sell their timeshare contract outright. Without the marketing costs involved in new-build properties the price will be no more than what you’re prepared to pay: outright bargains are often to be found. And when your situation changes you can use the same site to sell your timeshare on once more.

Timeshare beach view

Timeshare is not for everyone. But for families with children or those travelling on a budget a resale timeshare can be an absolute deal. For those of us resident in northern climes it’s quite reassuring to know that there’s a sunny serviced apartment on hand when you need it.

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