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Vacation in Tel Aviv: meet the city of summer

Tel Aviv is one of the best summer vacation tourist destinations in the world. Many tourists book their flights to Tel Aviv because it has a lot of beautiful beaches. In Tel Aviv, you will also find many restaurants serving delicious Mediterranean dishes. During the summer season, the beach will often be filled with tourists and local Israelis. The beach is the center for all kinds of recreational activities during the summer season. You can go for a swim or surf at the local beach. One popular activity that Israelis like to do at the beach in the summer is the paddle ball game that two players can engross in for several hours.

tel aviv beach hotelYou can also do fun activities like playing Frisbee or volleyball with your friends at the seaside. There will be organization of the Hoola Hoop classes and dancing lessons at the beach. The beach is not the only place that you will find recliners to bask under the sun. There are other places such as the square where you can find recliners that you can sit and relax during the summer.

During the summer, there will be a lot of local events that you can take part such as Tel Aviv Blues Festival, Nylon White Night in Jerusalem and Summer Opera Festival. There are a lot of shopping centers around Tel Aviv, for example King George Street. You will find all kinds of shops at the shopping center including clothes, fine dining, shoes, and jewelry. You can pay a visit to the fresh juice shops and ice cream shops at the shopping mall to get some cool drinks to cool down in the hot weather.

There are two shopping complexes in Tel Aviv that were converted from historic sites including Sarona complex and Tachana arcade. If you don’t have money to do shopping, it will be fun to just do window shopping. The indoor shopping malls are equipped with air conditioners. So, if you don’t want to feel the heat outside during the summer, you can go to the indoor shopping complex and spend a few hours there to enjoy the cool air conditioning.

fresh fruit Tel AvivIn Tel Aviv, you will find several large chains of drinks shops for example Aroma and We Like You Too. Tamara is a well known beverage shop that offers freshly pressed juice. There are also a lot of restaurants in Tel Aviv that specialize in serving brunch such as Benedict and Bread Story. There are a number of markets that are opened throughout the week. The Farmers market offers fresh vegetables at the Tel Aviv Port. Another market where you can get fresh vegetables and fruits is the Carmel Market which is also known as Shuk HaCarme.

You can also spend your summer in Tel Aviv by going strolling or cycling at the local park. There are many different types of bicycles you can rent at Tel Aviv. You can also go workout at one of the free outdoor gyms. In Tel Aviv, there are often bonfire parties during the summer. Bonfire is a great time that families can spend some time together for example dancing and enjoying some food together.
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