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Essentials for a stag weekend in Eastern Europe

Congratulations, one of your closest friends has chosen you to be their Best Man for most important day of his life. But you have a very crucial job first of all. Planning and booking the perfect stag weekend the lads will never forget (or more likely never remember). Check out this useful guide of essentials to ensure that ensure a safe and enjoyable stag weekend.

Where to go

Recent studies have shown Bratislava in Slovakia to be the cheapest European city to visit for a stag weekend. The essential of a stag trip including a return flight, a night’s stay in a youth hostel, a pint of beer, a fry up, a big Mac, nightclub entry, football match tickets and a taxi fare. You can expect all of that for just £96 in Bratislava. You can expect to pay around £128 in Tallinn, Estonia, and £154 in Budapest for the same activities.

Bratislava - cheapest by far

Bratislava – cheapest by far


Start saving up now so you’ve got a nice little holiday fund built up before setting off. Make sure you’ve converted your pounds into Euros ahead of time, and it’s worth shopping around to see where you can get the best possible deal. If you don’t to carry a large amount of cash on you, you might prefer to take travellers cheques. If you really want to you could just take your card but bear in mind some banks will charge a roaming fee to use your card abroad, the same applies for cash withdrawals.


You won’t need a large suitcase for a weekend stag trip, just a decent backpack should do the job. Pack light and only take the clothes and shoes you’re really going to need. Finally make sure you have a valid Passport and European Health Insurance Card. Plan out what clothes you’ll need and always pack an extras pair of underwear.

Phones and chargers

You probably don’t need reminding to take your phone, as the chances are you never leave home without it. Heaven forbid anything should happen to you or a member of your party, a phone will come in pretty useful. Not only is it important to pack your charger for any electrical goods you take, you’ll also need a European adaptor. Make sure you buy one before you get to the airport or expect to pay through the nose for one afterwards.


Just take the basics like deodorant, aftershave and toothpaste, but remember to get the travel size as airport security will confiscate anything more than 100ml. Most hotels will provide complimentary shower gel, shampoo and soap. That’s one less thing to worry about.


Really you should have a jam-packed schedule full of stag activities but there’s bound to be some downtime. You can’t go wrong with a deck of cards. Even in the modern digital age they are very useful as a boredom breaker and commonly used on stags for drinking games.

Stick to this guide and you won’t go wrong, it’s also worth passing it around to the rest of the stag party, you can chill out and enjoy the weekend. Now just to get started on that Best Man speech.

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