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6 European cities where the party never stops

If you’re looking for a party, Europe has a lot to offer. In fact, most cities on the continent have great potential when it comes to a memorable night out. So how do you decide? Well, we’ve six to start you off.

Visit one, or all, of these party cities and experience how the locals let their hair down.

1. Barcelona

The Spanish stay up late. Nothing really happens until 2am, whether you’re a local or a tourist. Hostel World describes how locals eat dinner around midnight, party until dawn and sleep until noon – and tourists follow the same routine.

So if you’re looking for a good time and world class clubs, head to Barcelona. When you recover, there’s lots to see in the daytime too. For example, you’ll find many monuments designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi – including the Sagrada Familia, a large Roman Catholic church. It’s incomplete but spectacular nonetheless.

But, if you’re still feeling delicate after the night, you can just chill on the beach.

2. Antwerp

A young and buzzing city, Antwerp’s nightlife remains lively around the clock. You can start by trying as many Belgium beers as you can stomach, before heading off to arguably the most popular club in Antwerp – Café d’Anvers. It’s based in a huge old warehouse in the city’s red light district.

160916glasses-1036424_960_720If you’re after something a bit different, you could try a trip back in time to the 70s and 80s with The Popcorn bar – disco vibes rule here.

3. Prague

You may associate Prague with stag dos – and yes, cheap beer is drunk morning, noon and night. But the city’s nightlight has something for everyone and Prague is as much about trendy cocktail bars nowadays. The Telegraph Travel highly rates Tretter’s, for example, for its emphasis on showmanship.

Luckily, traditional Czech food is heavy on meat and carbs. So you can fill up on plates of goulash and dumplings before heading out for the night.

4. Berlin

Berlin is home to Berghain, widely considered one of the world’s best nightclubs. But it’s also pretty secretive and picky about who is let in. If you’re not willing to waste a night trying, don’t worry – the city has a lot more to offer.

According to the Secret Traveller it’s the 5th best party town in the world and “If underground clubs are your thing, or dirty rock ’n’ roll bars, or warehouse raves, or hipster cocktail bars, then you’re going to find something to love in Berlin.”

Watergate and Tresor are two big names in terms of clubs that party goers won’t want to miss out on.

5. Amsterdam

Amsterdam lives up to its reputation as a party city. Nightlife is largely clustered in Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein,with a plethora of pubs and clubs to choose from. You can also head a bit further out to some of the larger clubs. Radion, for example, is off the beaten track somewhat. It takes around 20 minutes on bike to reach the club, which is a bit of a locals favourite.

If it’s your first time to the Dutch capital, read these top tips to make the most of your trip – day and night.

6. Lagos

For a party at night and glorious weather to work on your tan in the day, head to Lagos. It’s got more of a relaxed nightlife than some of the other cities on this list, but you can’t go wrong with a cocktail on the beach. There are also a few booze cruises you might be tempted to join – sounds tacky, but is actually just great fun.


Have you partied in any of these cities? Let us know what you loved.

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