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Top 5 restaurants you must visit in America

A great meal whether at a restaurant or at home can leave a long lasting impression as well as a life changing experience. If you happen to be travelling to America this year then you are in luck as with so many states and so many different cities, you get to try some of the world’s most amazing foods. With new places popping up every day, you will surely need to make sure that your ESTA application is sent off with plenty of time before you hit the states.

The Spotted Pig

If you are in New York, New York then a trip to The Spotted Pig isn’t complete without trying the chefs; April Bloomfield’s most famous chargrilled burger which is topped with Roquefort cheese and then served with a pile of delicately placed shoestring fries. Patrons to this Michelin-starred gastro eatery can also include in selections like pan-roasted skate complete with turnips, crispy pig’s ear salad and scallops with creamy beans.

Bad Saint

Bad Saint is located in Washington D.C, and what you order from the menu doesn’t quite become clear until the food is plated up next to you. The most celebrated dish is the Ukoy; fried shredded sweet potato, and shrimp which can be dipped into a spicy can vinegar and chili sauce. Although the restaurant does have long waits, the food and atmosphere is most definitely worth it. Compliments most definitely go to the Chef; Tom Cunanan as well as the co-owners Genevieve Villa mora and Nick Pimentel.

Buxton Hall

Those who have visited Buxton Hall in Asheville have always mentioned that they can smell the flavours of smoked barbecue long before you walk through the door. This restaurant has an open plan kitchen, and instead of a chef they have a pit master; Elliott Moss who stands over a whole pig, chopping hunks of smoked heat, if you like barbecue smoked pork then you will be in heaven. In Buxton Hall a barbecue means local pasture raised pig, which is smoked 18 hours over oak, cherry and hickory. The pork is incredibly juicy and generally melts as it hits your mouth. The pig is accompanied by green beans, potatoes which are also smoked, massed and topped with hg gravy- ideal for meat lovers.


New Orleans is filled with many amazing restaurants and N7 is just one of them. N7 is just as much a secret restaurant as it is something out of a film. N7 serves dozens of fancy seafood dishes, lobster rillettes from France, calamari in spicy ragout from Portugal, as well as many other amazing dishes. At N7, the world seems to stop spinning and their food has often been described as Parisian picnic food par excellence.


If you’re in Philadelphia then head to Oberlin an authentic Italian-American restaurant. Grab a stool for some raw fish that the chef often calls as the fish that no one wants, their fish is locally caught from one of three local fisherman which means it could be from a variety of mackerel, black bass, or scup however the chef who created a dish that included spicy Tuscan olive oil, and chillies you will be blown-away as at Oberlin, Italian-American cuisine gets reinvented.

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