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Going solo: the best holiday destinations for single travellers

Travelling alone is no longer a taboo any more – which is great news for those singles amongst us out there. While it can seem like we’re bombarded with articles on great honeymoon destinations and travel guides for couples, there are in fact a number of great travel destinations out there for the lone wanderer. And a journey abroad is a great alternative to sitting at home playing online casino games.

If you’re scared to venture out by yourself, all you have to do is remind yourself of all the perks: nobody to argue with about where to go, and time to reflect by yourself – what could possibly be better? If that doesn’t sell it for you, then these awesome destinations just might.

Rio de Janeiro

It achieved notoriety around the world between June and July when it hosted the World Cup, but there’s far more to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. There’s no better opportunity to reflect than in Rio’s gorgeous mountains, or take a walk across the pristine beaches. While caution is advised if you’re visiting, the wonderful sights more than make up for the crime rate – the Christ the Redeemer statue being one of the most beautiful by far.


From canals to coffee houses, you can’t ask for a better atmosphere as a lone traveller than that promised by Amsterdam. In the warm months, you can visit the artificial beach at Blijburg, or for somewhere a little quieter, try Vondelpark to gather your thoughts.

San Francisco

For a dose of culture, head over to the lone traveller’s paradise that is San Francisco in northern California. You won’t find happier folk than in San Francisco, which is great for the explorers amongst us. Head over to the Haight-Ashbury district, home of the hippie movement and Golden Gate Park. Be sure to take a few selfies by the bridge, and if you’re into your history, take the ferry over to the spooky isle of Alcatraz.

Kuala Lumpur

One of the more exotic locations, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur offers culture and metropolitan delights from arts and crafts to shopping. Head to the centre to treat yourself to a few souvenirs, then take a stroll through the markets, where you can sample some of the land’s finest cuisine, including food served on a banana leaf.

Kuala Lumpur skyline

pic: Kuala Lumpur skyline – guyfrombronx


It’s no wonder that Syndey is often mistaken for Australia’s capital – this awe-inspiring city has a wealth of sights to see, from the grandeur of the Sydney Opera House to the Star Casino. Of course, a trip to a casino alone can be pretty dull, which may prompt you to play but a walk around the Opera House is truly inspiring and can be enjoyed all by yourself.

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