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A blast from the bush and Zambia’s Luangwa Valley

Here in the Luangwa well still we are waiting for any rain of note and as Nsefu is officially closed as of this morning well quite frankly we are more than happy for the heavens to open – umm within reason as we do still need to pack the camp up and get the staff out. I mean the signs are all there; the frogs are singing the red chested cuckoo is going for it not to mention the deafening sound of the cicadas. Finally the way cuter sign of the rains coming are the baby impalas that have just sprung up literally all over the place. For a while now we have been keeping an eye out for them then all of a sudden there was 1 and now there are hundreds of the little guys gangly legged and scattered around the bush.


So what other news? Well lets start with Richard and Mary Chaplin regular RPS guests have been with us for just over a week and have already been treated to some spectacular game including a phenomenal lion hunt. They were fortunate enough to watch the two lionesses take down a buffalo and then the rest of the buffalo herd turned on the lions and tried to chase them off their fallen comrade! Unfortunately they were unsuccessful and it wasn’t long before the young males came in to enjoy the feast. Not to mention their photos which really are amazing and pretty much tell the entire story.


Their other sighting which really is one that I need to stress is amazing is a very very rare was of an African Broad Bill. I was chatting to Kiki this morning and he reckons the last confirmed sighting that any of our guides had of one of these birds was some 15 years ago. Richard and Mary not only had a fantastic sighting but also managed to get a great photo as proof to everyone that it was real!

211116birdWhilst on the subject of birds let us update you with the migratory birds that are always exciting to see coming in over this time of the year. Woodland kingfishers can now be heard with their familiar songs, the Abdims Storks are here in full force and on Sunday morning whilst passing a combretum bush the rare but familiar sound of an Angola Pitta was heard – quite some time was spent there looking for the bird to no avail so this morning the same bush is being re-visited! Not to mention during lunch the other day I was sitting at home and was treated to the most wonderful sighting of a Paradise Flycatcher in full breeding plumage ducking and diving and drinking from my pool. Sadly I wasn’t organized enough to get my camera out in time so I am afraid you are going to have to take my word for it.

Moving onto the something slightly bigger than the bird life lets take a moment for some of the spectacular leopard sightings that we have been having. I feel like I am about to repeat myself but I promise it was a completely different sighting to the one I told you all about a couple of weeks ago. The big one eyed male leopard was seen a few days ago with a giraffe kill. He had actually managed to drag the young giraffe up into a tree where he sat royally and enjoyed his feast for a few days. Can you imagine the power to be able to drag a baby giraffe up into a tree!

So there you have it folks another action packed week in the Luangwa Valley with sightings literally coming out of our ears. The only sighting that we didn’t have was the super moon as the skies decided to cloud over and obstruct our view but beggars cant be choosers and we should just be “over the moon” (sorry couldn’t resist) with what sightings we have been having out in the park.

Right so it is time for me to bid you once more a very fond farewell and lets see what the next week has to offer. Hope that you all have a fabulous week ahead with lots of smiles and laughter.


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