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In search of Hong Kong’s best rooftop bars

Hong Kong is one of the world’s best cities regarding rooftop bars. And it was only a matter of time before we headed here in search of the best rooftops. In 4 days, we manage to visit 10 rooftops among some of the best we have ever visited, but it didn’t start out as well as we’ve planned…

081116skyeThe first day we arrived (Friday), Hong Kong was struck by a typhoon, which resulted in that all the cities stores and schools were closed. It felt as we had landed in a ghost town. The hard wind and the rain also resulted in the all the rooftops were closed. So, the first day we spent indoors shooting some pool and drinking beers.

As we woke up the day after the sun was shining and we were more ready than ever for some rooftopping. At lunch time, we headed for the first stop – Seafood Room. A quite small roof terrace but with an amazing view of the Kowloon skyline. It’s not that common to drink alcohol during lunch hours in Asia, so we were the only ones drinking here. A couple of beers later we were on our way to the next roof. No time for rest…

081116seafood-roomSKYE at Park Lane Hotel: One of the best rooftops of the whole trip and also one of the coolest rooftops we have visited in 2016. Sweeping views, sunny weather, tasty cocktails, nice service and comfy seating’s. Too bad we could only stay here for 1 hour, because we had reserved a table at another place at 4:00 PM. A perfect start of our “first” day among rooftops in HK.

At 4:00 we went to S E V V A, which is a famous rooftop with a very expensive and posh feeling. And we got to know that right away. One of the guys in our company had shorts on him, and they didn’t allow this so we had to talk to them for almost 25 minutes before they agreed to give him a blanket to wrap around his legs. Well inside, they had reserved the best possible table on the terrace for us. We ordered some drinks and food. Unfortunately, the service was quite bad and slow during our stay here, but we forgot it pretty quickly because of the superb views and nice atmosphere.

Sometime after the sunset we headed back to our hotel – East Hotel Hong Kong – for some evening drinks at our own rooftop bar, Sugar. The city lights created a stunning view and this was a perfect way to end this amazing day among HKs rooftop bars. We also had good reasons to be well prepared for the upcoming Sunday brunch the day after.

Dom Perigon Sunday Brunch, at the world’s highest rooftop bar – Ozone at The Ritz Carlton.


Maybe the best brunch you can have on a rooftop. 3 hours of free flow of Dom Pérignon, hundreds of nice dishes to eat from, a dessert table to die for and on top of that the highest view from a bar in the whole world. 480 meters up with stunning views of the entire city and its surroundings. If you ever visit Hong Kong, this is a must do if you want an extraordinary experience with drinks and food of highest quality.
After the brunch, we went to Eyebar for some more cocktails and beers. A small rooftop bar but with superb views of Hong Kong Island and the mighty skyline. The time when darkness falls creates a really nice lightning over the city with all the sky scrapers turning on their lights. The best time for some cool pictures.


Save the best for last is a classic quote. And that is exactly what we did on this trip. On our last day (Monday) we went for I hike in the mountains during the morning. Well back at the hotel we all could feel that we were yearning for some rooftop hang out. Wooloomooloo was our choice and we would not be disappointed. What a rooftop bar! The best views in Hong Kong right in the city center with both the city, Happy Valley, the mountains, the skyline, Kowloon and the river in front of us. The crew at Wooloomooloo helped us reserve a fantastic table in the corner of the terrace and here we sat for hours just enjoying the views, the nice atmosphere and the refreshing drinks. We let the pictures speak for themselves.


Hong Kong gave us some of the best rooftop experiences we have ever had and we will for sure be back again soon. Here you can find the (best rooftop bars in Hong Kong):

All the best / The Rooftop Guide

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