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5 cities in Europe to visit for a romantic getaway

The Christmas holidays is hardly the best time to think of a romantic getaway, with February being the month with this particular distinction. However, you clearly don’t need to wait for February to come into view before you start planning for that romantic escapade that you have been yearning for together with your partner. Here are 5 cities in Europe that you surely must visit for a romantic getaway.

1. Paris

There is no other city in Europe nor anywhere else in the world that is more romantic than in the city of love itself, Paris. Honeymooners, lovers, spouses in their anniversaries, and other couples always make a vow to visit Paris not really to enjoy its sights but rather to rekindle their passion for one another under the iconic Eiffel Tower. With so many fine dining restaurants and interesting places to see right in the heart of Paris, this is one city that you will fall in love with over and over again. And if you have your partner with you, rekindling the passion is always a lot easier under the sultry Parisian moon. Just don’t forget your European Health Insurance Card when you visit the French capital.

2. Amsterdam

Known for its windmills and tulips, The Netherlands’ capital, Amsterdam, is also a famous romantic getaway in Europe. To really feel the love in the air, you’ll need to take a boat and cruise down the many waterways that crisscross the city. The experience itself is nothing less than relaxing and magical. You can also stand by a bridge after an evening walk and take a peek down the watery mirrors and you’ll feel your knees shake a bit.

3. Prague

The crown of the known world. Golden. The city of a hundred or so spires. These are just some of the adjectives that people attribute to Prague, clearly one of the world’s most beautiful and most elegant cities since the Middle Ages. With so many historical architecture to see and a truly warm hospitality, this is one of the best places to spend some quality time with your special someone.

4. Budapest

There is only one place you’ll go in Hungary if you want to show your undying love and affection to your special someone: Budapest. Stand on the bridge that divides the new town from the old town and be mesmerized by the charm of the calm waters of the Danube. Feel your life being reflected in the sparkling waters. Rekindle the flame of your relationship in any of the fantastic restos and bars in the city while indulging yourselves in the country’s rich culture and history.

5. Venice

There’s nothing more romantic than cruising on the famed gondolas of Venice as you lock hands with your partner while traversing the crisscrossing canals of the city. After the gondola ride, you can then explore the city’s famous architectures, art, and music scene.

There are many European cities that make for the perfect romantic getaway. Wherever you may eventually go, just remember that it is the quality of time you spend together that really matters.

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