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The luckiest people on planet Earth

Fortune favours the bold

We hear stories about amazingly great wins all the time. People hit incredibly great jackpots in online casinos, win millions in lotteries and get sums of money, which exceed all reasonable limits, in just a few minutes. More importantly, some if these lucky beggars do it all the time. So, how is it possible to win so many and so often?

Well, despite the fact that we are not accustomed to such events, they happen more often than it may seem. Statistical rules are very clear: the more different series of events, the greater chances of pseudorandom overlaps. For example, those who never play lottery have zero chances to obtain a prize – in order to win one has to participate. On the contrary, those who try different approaches increase their chances of success.

The Luckiest Winners in the History of Gambling

Without further ado, let us see whether the theory is confirmed by practical observations. Here is a list of the luckiest winners on this cute little planet, which surely claims that happy coincidences happen all the time!

Lucky Lottery Ticket

The greatest win in classic lottery was caught by Andrew Jackson Whittaker Jr. – $550 million.

According to the American laws, he could get all within a few years or take a hundred million immediately. He chose the second option – this is still a tremendously great win, however, this is also a good reminder that the excitement is good in the game, but not thereafter.

Great Birthday Gift

The celebration of the seventy-fourth birthday in a casino turned into yet another gift for Johan Hoyndl. She won more than 18 million pounds. Usually, we think that slot machines are loaded with much smaller prizes than lotteries. Well, this lady proved that great wins are not monopolised by some single entertainment.

Bored Before the Game

Anonymous 25-year-old programmer from Los Angeles won something about thirty million pounds in March 2003. For security reasons, he preferred to keep his name and other personal information in secret. However, it is known that he waited for the basketball match and decided to have fun playing in an online casino. We also know that he played in slots online free, such as those that can be found respectable websites. It is quite interesting, though – had he lost interest in the basketball match or not, after this amazing win?

Four-Time Winner

Joan Ginther surely is one of the luckiest persons on Earth. She won $5.4million. Not bad for a start. Then she got two and three million. Is that enough? Well, if you think so, then you know nothing about gambling. She tried again and won $10 million. Four jackpots with a total of more than $20 million. Will she try again? Well, isn’t that a silly question – why stop at all!

Naturally, these examples are just mind blowing. However, there is no special secret – those who keep playing always have better chances than those who do not.

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