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How to regain body confidence before going on holiday

I’ve thought a beach body was taking your body to the beach but I was clearly wrong and at the end of the day, regaining this body confidence is not just about attracting someone with your looks and you don’t need to feel inclined to go on a juicing diet, starve yourself by fasting or attempting to go on any other crazy pre-holiday rituals, and you can feel at easy knowing that carbs are allowed during the build-up to your vacation. It not just about losing weight that related to the confidence, you need to take other things into account too.

Think beyond your body; take the time to think more broadly about your wellbeing and lifestyle- not just the weight. When thinking about your lifestyle, reflect on where you are now and where you want to be in the next three, six or even 12 months, things to consider are:

• Your energy levels
• Your quality and quantity of sleep
• Your body
• You’re eating
• Balance in your life
• Your mind-set and daily mood
• Stress and anxiety levels
• Any current frustrations
• Your overall feelings about yourself and the current state of your life.

This might seem a lot and we all live busy lives, so remember not to over-commit. Focus on the loudest and most urgent areas that you need to tackle in the build-up of your holiday.Beach picture

Varicose vein treatment

Varicose vein treatment is something that can make you feel more confidence when your out on the beaches. At Vein Centre they accept that the final decision is the patient’s. It is very important however to be presented with all the options with their risks and benefits. Sadly many patients are still only offered surgical stripping and not told about minimally invasive methods to remove their varicose veins. That’s why at Vein Centre they offer a number of different services and advice so the patient can feel comfortable and at ease.

Literally try everything on

Your bikini doesn’t have to be a best thing trending at the moment; you need to look for something that will make you feel comfortable with your body and mind-set. Before investing in your summer suit, test out a variety of different styles, sizes, cuts and materials. There are a host of different holiday clothing out there that will suit different bodies. So have a day were you try on everything in the shop… yes EVERYTHING, till you find something you feel comfortable in. For example you might not feel amazing in a halter neck, but you could feel better in the same colouring, just with some more supportive shoulder straps. Don’t discount high-waist bikinis either. Basically if you’re conscious of your tummy, they’re a great halfway point to make you feel comfortable whilst still showing a flash of skin.

Good Posture

Even the most toned gals don’t feel their best hunched over, as posture makes ALL the difference when you’ve not got layers to hide beneath. Let’s all agree to stop sucking everything in (it’s uncomfortable and impossible to maintain anyway). Just stretch up tall, throw your shoulders back, and stand with as much confidence as you can muster. Straightening your spine is literally the quickest and most effective change you can make, and it’s free, so don’t underestimate its value.

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