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How to save money when traveling

Anyone that says ‘I don’t have the money to travel’ obviously doesn’t know what happens when you travel. Money seems to just keep disappearing when you’re touring the world. There’s no such thing as saving money while you’re travelling. All you can hope to do is just spend slightly less than you might have done. In which case, here are some tips to stop you from spending too much money while you’re on your world tour:

Don’t leave food up to chance

Food is one of the reasons why we travel. Foreign cuisine can be an amazing experience but it can also be expensive. A lot of us tend to pick at food while we travel. We might pick up something from a vendor here and there, stop at a café for a drink at a bit to eat, or pick up something sugary to nibble on while we take a look around. This is where we tend to lose money without thinking about it. It’s even worse if you travel long distances without eating and then gorge ourselves at the first restaurant we find. The smart way to avoid shopping hungry is to bring your own food with you. Rather than going to a restaurant, you might find that fresh produce is cheaper and lasts you a little longer. A flask of soup and a sandwich can be the only thing standing between you and an overpriced quadruple chocolate gelato that’s just going to go straight to your thighs anyway.

Keep an open mind

The less strict your travelling plan is, the more options you have. This applies to flights especially. Flying during the less busy hours during the day and during off-peak times of year could save you a bundle. The same can be said for accommodation and tourist attractions. Most businesses in popular vacation destinations tend to increase their prices during the summer for when the tourists arrive. Then, when summer’s over, they drop back down a bit.

Subscribe to everything

Yeah, getting all of those emails and flyers can be annoying, but they can also be a real money saver. Join a frequent flyer programme, subscribe to the airline newsletter or e-mail notifications for deals and offers, subscribe to everyone on social media. Just do what you have to do to stay in the loop. When any company starts handing out discounts you’re going to want to be one of the people to get them. So, maybe all of those notifications and flyers aren’t so bad after all.


Price comparison sites are a lifesaver. You can cost compare anything and everything, from gas prices to spa treatments. Of course, you’re not going to always have access to a computer while you’re away so the smart thing to do would be to download the apps! You’ll find some great price comparison apps for android and iPhone that are going to make you travelling so much easier (and cheaper). You can scan the bar codes of what you need to buy and the app will tell you if any other stores sell it cheaper.

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