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Help! A lion’s nicked my solar lamp

The ‘Green Season’ In Africa is when the rains have come, traditionally low season for safaris. Although you don’t have the dry dust bowl concentration of game that we have in October when everything is down at the river the bush itself is just beautiful. What we do see is framed by the wonderful green back drop of the bush as well as giving that slightly magical feel of, “wow look what we have found”. All that being said it seems it hasn’t stopped the lions from continuing the trend that they set last year during the dry season by visiting Nsefu Camp and helping themselves to whatever strikes their fancy.

Green season Zambia

Ruth and Bertram were sitting with the guests enjoying a lovely dinner one evening when out of the night came the silhouette of a lion. As the lion drew closer the team could see that it was one of the two year old male lions from the Nsefu pride. As if wanting to make sure that his presence and location was known, he walked straight down the path in front of the chalets ensuring that everyone could see him. He then walked up to one of the solar lamps that we have in front of the rooms, picked it up by the wire handle and with the jar dangling gently from his jaw started to wander off!! This completely stunned everyone but after a split second of ‘oh my goodness look at what the lion is doing’ there came the moment of ‘oh my goodness Emily has just issued these lights!’ So jumping up, the team tried to scare him into dropping the lamp but he was dead set on lighting his path for the rest of the evening – so much for cats seeing in the dark.

Everyone sat back down and just watched this most entertaining scene as the lion lit his path and wandered off between chalets 1 and 2 before finding his brothers just a few meters from camp. They soon lost site of the lion and the lamp but the following morning Bertram went out in search of the stolen property and was successful in his rescue mission. The lamp is absolutely none the worse for wear. Unfortunately given the time of day that all of this happened there were no cameras around, so you are going to have to take our word for it that this actually happened. Certainly a sighting that will not be forgotten in a hurry and I hope that my story does it justice and you can all picture the scene in your minds.

Now just to finish off my story telling for this week let me tell and show you about a wonderful sighting that the guests had from the Luangwa Safari House deck.

Livingstone Safari House

Just to quickly confirm, Luangwa Safari House is in fact closed at the moment as it is every year at this time but the radio call came in from the watchmen so everyone scooted over there. There was a pack of wild dogs feverishly chasing a puku in and out of the lagoon desperate to get some food whilst the poor puku was desperate to get away. wild dog in the bushSadly the story didn’t end well for the puku but it was an incredible sighting and what better place to witness the drama unfolding.

So there you have it for this week – I think that should be more than enough to keep you all sufficiently jealous for the week. Lets see what else we have in store to regale you with next week and hope that we don’t have any more items stolen by the lions at Nsefu.

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dog and puku in the river

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