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Tanning tips for Miami in the summer

This time round, I thought of breaking the monotony of spending my summer vacation in my hometown. I decided to visit Miami. Yes, you heard me right: Miami, the best party town in the United States and the best place to enjoy a summer vacation. I decided to invite Anita, my best friend, along. On arrival, my heart filled with excitement. I knew I was going to enjoy myself in a greater way, summer being a season for swimming shorts, tanning, ice cream, and sunglasses. Besides, the nights would also be interesting with Miami being the home to some of the famous clubs in the world. Our trip was to take three days in Miami alone. We had to plan well for the three days we were to spend in Miami.
Miami beach
We got a room a room in one of the famous hotels in town where we rested for the night in anticipation for the next day. The reception was great, a reason why I fell in love the more with Miami. We woke up the following day and prepared ourselves for the tour.

An orientation of the city

Our first day majored on visiting some of the famous places in Miami’s downtown. Our first stop over was at Calle Ocho, where we were to take our breakfast. Cuban food was our best food hence for us; our trip would not be complete without a visit to the Versailles restaurant. We enjoyed some traditional Cuban food for breakfast including pastelitos, platanos, and croquetas. We then took a short cab ride to Bay Front Park where we spent our morning viewing the Biscayne Bay. Indeed this was a very enjoyable place to spend our morning.

Miami beachWe went north to the Bayside Marketplace, which is an outdoor shopping mall with restaurants and live music. We took refreshments and enjoyed the music too. Also, we went to the gym where we worked out and went for a massage after which we went for indoor lotion tanning to save our skin from the effects of the scorching hot sun. For Anita, this was a new experience since she never saw the need of having to undergo indoor tanning because she is always at work and if she is to bask, the sun is never hot, making things easier for her with just a sunscreen on her. The activities for the day were enough and we went home to rest feeling tired but excited.

Our day two was a special day. A day to relax but also filled with excitement. We chose to relax at the South Beach. From the Bayside marketplace, we purchased tickets on the Island Queen Sightseeing boat where we took a tour. From this visit, we viewed various homes on two major islands, the Star Island and Fisher Island before making our arrival at the south beach. This tour enabled us to see Miami from a different perspective, that is, it is not only a bunch of buildings but also embraces nature in an exquisite and bigger way. Filled with many tourists, South Beach is indeed great tourist attraction in Miami.
Miami Beach
The sun was hot, but to us, we had to enjoy our trip. We started at the Ocean Drive then went through the Lummus Park where we witnessed great Art Deco architecture of neon and pastel restaurants. We also went to the nearby South Pointe Park where we got the chance to view and take pictures of the south beach’s breathtaking views. We took our lunch at South beach’s heart, the Lincoln Road mall where we also did our afternoon shopping. For this particular day, we ended our day with an evening’s out at the New World’s Center where we enjoyed some live performance music and movies on its 7000 square feet exterior walls.

Vizcaya Museum

The Vizcaya Museum

Exiting the South Beach, we decided to take a short trip to the coconut grove. This place was a large family settlement. Also, it had various attractions including historical, outdoor and shopping attractions. We strolled through the Barnacle House and Historic State Park where we got the chance to learn about the old Miami. Our primary interest, however, was the Vizcaya Museum, and Gardens in South Miami. This historic estate, built in 1910, was not only popular as a wedding venue but also Quinceneara photo shoots. We took a lazy stroll for about ten minutes through the museum taking pictures and laughing out our jokes. Finally, we arrived at the Venetian pool, which is a historical freshwater pool where we indulged ourselves in swimming and taking the Florida sunshine. Indeed, spending our day in Miami’s historical place was worth. We, however, had to go back to the hotel much earlier today in anticipation for our departure the next day.

In conclusion, my trip to Miami was indeed great, I not only got the chance to learn more about the city but also enjoyed myself and had a perfect indoor tanning done on me.
Miami beach
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