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The top five office buildings: tomorrow’s cathedrals built new

Top 5 offices to visit

Lots of amazing companies around the world have been working to prove that an office doesn’t have to look like an office. In fact, an office can be anything you want it to be. Why not visit some of the world’s most incredible spaces and see for yourself? Maybe someday in the future when you browse commercial property for sale in the UK, you’ll be designing the newest addition to the list of the world’s greatest offices.

Inventionland – Pittsburgh, America

Inventionland is a company that is founded on creativity and innovative ideas, which is easily reflected in their incredible office design. In this colossal vicinity there are 15 different areas that are designed to be completely unique environments. For children’s products there is Nursery Nook, which features a work station inside a giant shoe and life sized nursery rhyme characters like Mother Goose. Brainstorming and planning for new tools takes place in Davy’s Treehouse, which is an actual treehouse that overhangs an actual river inside the building. Other environments include a racetrack, a pirate ship, a medieval castle and a cave with an indoor waterfall. This might be one of the most creative and incredible offices in the world and if you were to work here you would get the pleasure of wearing the company’s signature white lab coat.

Google – California, America/ London, England

Google, CaliforniaIt’s no wonder a company as big as Google has such an impressive office. In fact, every one of their headquarters is quirky and imaginative. The Googleplex in California has a huge garden, a miniature golf course and a basketball court as well as lots of creative spaces for thinking and working. The London headquarters is just as impressive with walls that are covered from ceiling to floor in padded cushion, tons of bookshelves filled with free books, a secret garden on the roof, all sorts of quirky recycled gadgets and gizmos and lots of secret spaces for employees to curl up with their work.

Lego – Billund, Denmark

Lego are a company built on creativity and fun, so it’s no wonder that their headquarters were designed to reflect that. Anyone that loves Lego has likely fantasised working at their offices. Their Denmark office, to start, is absolutely filled with Lego creations and has huge storage room filled with all of the different types of bricks and parts where you can build and create. It also has a two story slide for fast travel from one floor to the other and all kinds of creative, comfortable spaces for brainstorming.
Legoland, Billund

ThinkGarden – Milan, Italy

For the people to busy working to get outside, the ThinkGarden offices in Milan are designed to bring the outdoors indoors. There are spaces designed to look like gardens, complete with rock shaped beanbags, grass and trees. Around the office you’ll find flowers and fresh fruit on almost every table and desks are organised in a way that allows employees to have breathing space. When people want to take relax they can take a walk through the bare foot area, visit the office bar, lounge in one of the hammocks or play a round of golf on the putting green. Best of all, this office is environmentally friendly, with most of it made from recyclable, reusable materials.

SelgasCano Architecture – Madrid, Spain

This office is a great example of a simple idea taken somewhere extraordinary. This small little office is situated in the middle of the woods and is built half underground. The ceiling and one of the office’s walls are completely transparent. It’s the sort of office that puts you right in the middle of nature and gives you a bug’s eye view of the forest. It’s peaceful and simple but incredibly smart and it would be a great place to visit.

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