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Best countries to get cosmetic surgery

If you are considering getting some form of cosmetic surgery, it is important to be as informed as possible before committing to where you will have the procedure carried out. While the UK has some exemplary cosmetic surgeries all around the country it is not to say that the grass isn’t greener elsewhere when it comes to affordable and effective plastic surgery solutions. More and more Brits are choosing to travel further out to experience the benefits of health tourism. Take a look at the following travel destinations that offer excellent cosmetic treatments and offer everything from low costs to exceptional hygiene and impressive quality of work.

The Balkans and Turkey

Travelling to Turkey and the Balkans has become an increasingly popular choice for those looking for a bit of sunshine alongside getting some high quality, low cost treatments. Turkey in particular is known for their cheap hair transplant procedures and this treatment is growing in popularity here rapidly.

world map in pillsEastern Europe

One thing that Eastern Europe cannot be beaten for is price when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Eastern Europe provides all sorts of cosmetic treatments, so you are sure to find a surgery that deals with everything from teeth whitening to breast enhancement. One thing to remember when going to destinations that are further east than somewhere like the Czech Republic is that the culture and environment is different to what we are used to in the west, which is something that can make people feel ill at ease.

South America

One of the most recent booming economies when it comes to cosmetic surgery is South America in places like Brazil and Argentina. Many Brits have said to have been amazed at the high quality treatments they received for a relatively low cost and this comes down to everything from food and accommodation and the treatment itself!


In the past North African countries such as Egypt and Tunisia have been very popular with Brits looking for affordable cosmetic surgery treatment. The landscape has changed slightly as recent political problems have meant that less people are travelling here, which has meant that many procedures are more affordable than ever. If you are willing to overlook the risk of travelling somewhere like Tunisia, then you could bag yourself a great deal when it comes to high quality cosmetic surgery.

The Others

Other very popular places in the world to travel to for cosmetic surgery procedures include Thailand, Pakistan and India- the latter being particularly popular with those in search of very high tech facilities. India is now home to some of the world’s best and most qualifies technicians who are English speaking and affordable, which is why so many Brits consider this option.

Operating theatre

The increasing popularity of travel, improved flight routes and cheaper airfare means that getting a medical procedure conducted in another part of the world is easier than ever before. It is important to always research and look out for recommendations when it comes to having cosmetic surgery overseas.

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