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How to make sure you are covered when flying abroad

There are so many things that can go wrong when you go abroad and it pays to be prepared. Without the right kind of insurance, you could find yourself stuck in a foreign country with a pile of hospital bills and no means of getting home. So, before you start thinking about all of the fun things you have in store for you, take a few minutes to apply for travel insurance. If you’re flying abroad and are starting to worry about getting travel insurance, here is some advice on what to do:

ambulance and hospitalThe time to apply for your travel insurance should be right away – the earlier you start the process the more time you have to look at your choices and find the best policy. If you don’t have an idea of there to start your search, find some compare websites. Here you can start getting a good idea of that the average price of your package should be. Remember that cheaper isn’t always better, so be sure to shop around and take a look at the policies carefully before you sign anything.

To make sure that your travel insurance keeps you completely covered, these are the features that you must have on your policy:

Medical Expenses: Covers the cost of any emergency medical treatments

Repatriation Service: Covers the cost of the journey home if you have a medical emergency

Cancellation: Covers the cost of any cancellation fees or costs you have yet to pay for should you need to cut your trip short

Missed Departures: Covers the cost of accommodation and replacement travel if you miss your train, flight or boat due to reasons out of your control

Travel Abandonment: If you need to cancel your trip this will cover any costs involved

Baggage Cover: Covers the cost of your luggage should it be stolen, damaged or lost

Personal Liability Cover: If you injure another person or damage their property, this will cover the cost of repairs and treatments.

If your policy has all of these features then you will be more than prepared to face a trip abroad and will have the resources necessary for being prepared for anything. Be sure to inspect the amount that they cover for each of their features and don’t be taken in by the price at first.

If you live in Europe and are travelling elsewhere around Europe, a EHIC card might be a better. With an EHIC card, UK residents and other European residents can have basic health insurance coverage in certain European countries. An EHIC card doesn’t cost a thing if you apply through the NHS, but if you want to avoid filling out complicated forms you can pay a small fee and apply through EHIC UK to have your application reviewed and processed for you. This way, you can focus on packing rather than applying for your EHIC card. It can all be done online and the card is delivered in a few days, so you can get back to business without being bothered by insurance.

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