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How to boost your career prospects while you travel

To travel is to learn, to put yourself in situations you’ve never experienced before and discover more about the world around you. Yet you could have traversed the globe, seen everything it has to offer and enjoyed its finest delights, and you still won’t have a concrete qualification that interests an employer.

SmartphoneThe University of Life still doesn’t count for much in the today’s workforce, a situation which leaves many people reluctant to travel in case they miss out on all-important career progression.

But when you’re chained to your desk all your life, what chance do you have to see the world?

There are many ways to balance work with your impulse to travel, especially in this increasingly globalised world.

We’ve come up with a few to help you travel the world without skimping on career progression. So read on and give our suggestions a try.

Check out distance learning

Distance learning has become one of the most convenient ways to gain a major educational qualification – and with good reason.

Imagine being able to study from any location you like, whether it’s a tea room in Hong Kong or a hotel room in Australia. Imagine being able to communicate with your tutor over Skype, eliminating the need to commute to your university. Imagine being able to discuss topics with your peers online, in much the same way as you would chat in a seminar room.

All this is possible when you study for online degrees, and will give you the chance to earn a qualification while you travel.

Become a freelancer

Freelance work is a dream for many people, and a nightmare for many more. It’s all a case of temperament. If you’re prepared to work long hours in internet cafes and sometime be out of work for months at a time, then freelancing could be perfect for you while you trot the globe.

Some jobs, as you might expect, suit the freelance way of working more than others. If you’re a writer, graphic designer or another creative industry, freelancing could be perfect for you. If you much prefer standing behind a till in a coffee shop, you might not be so lucky when it comes to finding a job on the go.

Apply on the move

The clock will run out on your trip sooner or later. And as you’re saying goodbye to your tropical paradise, you’ll have to find a job on Civvy Street ASAP.

To speed up the process begin applying before you return home, conducting interviews via Skype if necessary. This will put you in a secure position when you’re home, and give you peace of mind in the last few months of your holiday.
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