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The expected results of Trump’s travel bans

The United States President signed executive orders banning nationals from several countries from entering the America. This was in January. More recently there was a ban on the issuing of B-1 visas. The actions are all directed towards changing the immigration policy of the country. President Trump is attempting to live up to his pre-election promises. Some of these promises included the travel bans to individuals from “dangerous” nations. However Trump’s travel bans are getting a lot of resistance from many sectors of society.

Potential Effects of Trumps Travel Bans

  • 1. Financial. There are many financial implications to the president’s decrees. Firstly on his government that is facing multiple lawsuits from immigrants. There are many companies that rely on getting temporary visas for specialty workers. These workers come and provide services like development and programming. Countries most affected include India which is reliant on the American market.
  • 2. Security. The president jeopardized the security and safety of many Iraqi and Afghans who helped the USA during the Invasion. Many of these refugees who face certain death if they return to their home countries are at risk of deportation. If this happens there could be major breaches in security as the tortured refugees give away vital information.
  • 3. Social. There are many families that are at risk of being separated by these new immigration policies. However, this may be the lesser social effect. The worst case is the increased rate at which minorities will be turned into dangerous radicals.

Even as the American nation comes to grips with the new policies being implemented by Trump’s administration, the rest of the world is in limbo. Many countries with nationals now restricted sided with America when it banned online gambling. Visit for more information about banned online casinos. Some of these countries even went as far as saying “… whatever America does not want they do not want to”. Now it seems the mighty America no longer wants foreigners in their land. At least these countries can go back on their position on online gambling and regulate the activity.

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