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Inexpensive and interesting: Uganda’s fast food

In Uganda you can buy a rolex for just 40p.

Ugandan view

No, you didn’t misread that… though it won’t be much use for telling the time. Although just as famous in Uganda as the infamous watch brand the rolex varies between regions but the most common version involves 2-3 eggs cooked to make an omelette along with cabbage, tomato, onion and a large pinch of salt. fried grasshoppers in UgandaThe chef then rolls this up in a chapati and voila! A rolex for 40p.

Matoke is steamed green bananas and although it sounds like it should taste sweet it’s closer to mashed potato. It’s harvested green and then cooked and often mashed. In Uganda it is steam-cooked and the mashed meal is one of the national dishes of the country, you will often find it accompanying their famous stews.

Grasshoppers are a Ugandan Delicacy – they are called Nsenene and are a real treat during the Wet Season. They are prepared in a frying pan with a little oil and are roasted along with onions and tomatoes. They’re very crunchy and taste quite oily – think small pork scratchings!

Ugandan bananas for sale

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