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Things you must know if you’re travelling to Vegas

A trip to Vegas heads many bucket lists and understandably so. A few days in Sin City will truly take your breath away and you’ll love every minute. Still, as brilliant as an experience it will be, visiting Vegas can be quite daunting and you may have several questions you’d like to ask before heading there.

First things first. If you’re going to Vegas between the months of April and October then you’re going to need to take some sunscreen as the temperatures will be anywhere between 19 and 33. When booking the trip, it’s also important to remember that you don’t have to pay top dollar for a charming hotel and whilst there are many grand places to stay in Vegas, they can often be quite costly and not everyone has a budget to accommodate that.

Las Vegas signUsing sites such as will provide you with a list of discount hotels for as little as $35 a night. What’s more, many places will drop their prices if it means you remain at the betting table for longer.

Food is also relatively cheap and you’ll be more than pleased to know that Vegas are big on giant buffets so head there for dinner and fill your boots.

It goes without saying that the casinos are a must with many of the more elaborate ones celebrity hotspots. Luckily many tour operators will provide tours here and this a great way to see them all. The designs of some will truly amaze you with wall murals, mosaics and water fountains all on show.

As tempting as it to spend all your time in the casinos and on sites like, be sure to get out and see Vegas as it has far more to offer than just gambling. Still, it’s worth having a flutter or two as it’s all part of the Viva Las Vegas experience, just make sure you don’t spend all your money on the first night. Though, luckily, many casinos in Vegas offer free drinks if you’re playing so if you’re able to limit yourself to small stakes, it can be a cheap night for you.

The only frustrating thing about all the entertainment in Vegas, from the water shows to the circus, is that it can be hard to fit it all in. That said, a quick trip to the tourist office on the strip should be able to best advise you.

The temptation to gamble is also everywhere, even in supermarkets and petrol stations. It’s hard to resist but with endless amounts of entertainment, you’ll soon find yourself straying away.

It must be said though that the bright lights and noises won’t appeal to everyone. If you want to recreate some of the excitement of Vegas from the comfort of your room, you might consider playing online instead. Themed games at sites like Slot Sites will help recreate the buzz of a real casino experience and offer the chance to win some much-needed money for your travels.

Las Vegas little VeniceOn the flip side, if you’ve always wanted to travel the world then Vegas is the right place to head. Around the world in 80 hours? You’ve got it. The Excalibur Hotel which perfectly showcases the medieval era is a great way to kick-start your voyage. Still in Europe, you’ll recognise the half-scale model of the Eiffel Tower on first glance as you find yourself in Paris Las Vegas. The top of the tower offers stunning panoramic views of the city and is a must.

And the Parisian touch doesn’t end there with 1920s style boulevards and boutique shops to explore. Italy also gets a look in with the Venetian Resort and some beautiful décor that does the chapels of Rome proud. You’re even able to take a gondola ride and view the replicas of Rialto Bridge, St Mark’s Campanile and St Mark’s Square.

The Luxor Hotel does a more than brilliant job of bringing Ancient Egypt to Vegas, after all, it is the third largest hotel in the world and shaped in an enormous pyramid accompanied by an Egyptian obelisk, 43 metres high, and a replica of the Great Sphinx. And with a host of restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world as well as carnivals amass with sound and colour, you may find yourself in Morocco one minute and Rio the next.

Visiting Vegas should be considered a must – just remember it’s not all about the casinos, though a flutter or two is certainly condoned.

Las Vegas skyline

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