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Watch a pro edit a ten-year-old’s travel vlog

Ten-year-old Beth Ward did a very creditable vlog of her family holiday in Mexico. It lasted just over six minutes and this is what she presented to the world:

Then she sent the vlog to First Choice and the marketing department noticed how much she liked her holiday. They then hired Ross Kemp to unleash his production company on her raw footage to smooth and improve her holiday experience. Which they do. It ends up sharper, if a whole lot shorter. Spot the difference here:

Have drawn this to the attention of over-the-hill video cameraman Wilf Barker (now 12 years old) and I’m hoping that the lesson he’ll learn is that Beth shot some spectacular sequences. You need the images to mould them in the edit.

All credit to First Choice too. As I can’t help feeling slightly jealous of the Ward family’s fabulous holiday in Mexico. And checking prices.

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