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Must-see cruise destinations for autumn 2017

Cruising is one way to see parts of the world that you wouldn’t normally get to visit, with small ships in particular being able to access areas unreachable by the usual planes, trains and automobiles. Whether you’re planning to escape to the sun this winter or simply want to experience the festive season through the eyes of different cultures, cruising is a great place to start. Check out a few of our top tips for winter cruise destinations below.

Cruise ship at sea

A tour of the Christmas markets

From Santa to Scrooge, nobody can resist getting into the festive spirit when they visit one of Europe’s impressive Christmas markets. Shop for one-of-a-kind gifts in the cities of Bruges, Amsterdam and Copenhagen, or sail to Hamburg for a taste of a traditional German Christmas market, held annually outside the city’s town hall.

Cuban adventures

Cuba has long been considered one of the most desirable winter cruise destinations, not least due to its tropical year-round climate. Norwegian Cruise Lines introduced plans to sail to Cuba earlier this year, giving cruisers the opportunity to explore the wonder of this Caribbean island by boat. Popular shore excursions include tours of the ancient city of Havana, as well as journeys back to the glitz and glamour of Cuba in the 1950’s.

Cuban scene

Explore the Galapagos

Cruises to the Galapagos Islands run all through the year, making a journey here the perfect way to escape to some winter sunshine. Of course, the most appealing aspect of the area for many tourists is the abundance of wildlife that can be spotted here. Summer in the region runs alongside winter in the UK, so December to March is the ideal time to visit if you’re hoping to spot some underwater creatures during your trip.

The land down under

Think of winter sun and you’ll probably imagine Australia. Our winter is the country’s peak tourist season and the ideal time to explore the area’s vast geographical landscape. There are a host of cruises to Australia and New Zealand to enjoy from October onwards, taking in some of the region’s most striking landmarks including Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef.

The very best of Southeast Asia

Humid temperatures and an array of mystical islands make cruises to Southeast Asia one of the most rewarding holidays to take during winter. Cruises to Asia generally aren’t as popular as those to the Mediterranean or Canary Islands, yet they’re ideal for anyone wanting to sail away into peace and harmony but avoid the chaos of the crowds. The weather here stays hot and sticky throughout the year – making it the perfect choice for topping up your winter tan on deck.

Southeast Asian scene

Wherever you’re heading, winter cruises are a great option for getting away from it all at the most stressful time of year.

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