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5 most important documents to work in the UK

The UK is one of the best countries to work in. Their work policy is accompanied by strict rules and regulations. There are some basic requirements that you need to follow if you work in the UK. Here are some important documents that you would need to have.

Working in the UK is everybody’s dream and if you land up with a good job in the UK, make sure that you carry all your documents along with you.

Important documents that you need to work in UK

In order to work in the United Kingdom, you would need the following documents. Among them, some of the most important are a Bank account, your Visa, a National insurance Number that would help you in your future endeavors, your qualifications certificates and all other associated documents.

Getting an UK bank account

People who would like to work in UK would first need to have a bank account in the UK. This is because; your employer would transfer your salary in this bank account. So you need to have all your bank account details, and all banking procedures should be accurate. You would need to furnish a proper proof of address whole opening a bank account.

Getting a National Insurance Number

Getting a National insurance number is very important if you want to have access to the various benefits of National insurance. You would also need to contribute to the National insurance funds so that you can reap the benefits later on.

2 Tier general Visa

If you are not a resident of UK then you would have to apply for the Tier 2 general Visa if you have been offered a job in the UK.You can stay in the country for a maximum of 5 years and 14 days or the time given on your certificate of sponsorship or whichever is earlier. You can also apply for extension of your Visa for another 5 years. In order to get a sponsorship for the Visa you would need to have a certificate of sponsorship from a well-licensed sponsor before applying to UK for work. You can also apply for a Visa up to 3 months before the date of travelling to UK.Documents that are important for you to get a job in the UK.

Other documents that are required for working in the UK include

    • Copies of your certificate and degrees
    • Details of your date of birth, nationality, education and previous job experience if any
    • A copy of any previous work permit you may have held• Copies of references from other companies that you have worked for, it is best to write the name of a senior level reference. Documents with your other employers start and end dates of employment, job title, your job role and title as well
    • Character reference which is very important for the job

These documents are very important to submit to your employer if you plan to work in the UK. Incase these documents provided are forged; you would be heavily penalized for the same. In this case, hiring NI Apply would be a smart step by you to avoid complications.

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