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A list of the best football sights and experiences around the UK

Football is a game enjoyed by millions of enthusiasts all over the world. But for many reasons, football has long been associated with the United Kingdom, and rightly so. First of all, football was invented in the UK, and this is a fact that many football aficionados know. But there are other reasons why the UK is closely associated with football, least of which is its fantastic teams and players, its leagues and championships, and its expressive and feisty fans.

If you’re a football enthusiast yourself and have a chance to visit the UK, your holiday wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of the best football sights in the world. And even if you’re not a tourist and are from the UK yourself, it would still be a great idea to have a look at some of the best football sights in your own country. Here’s a list of the best football sights and experiences around the UK you shouldn’t miss.

Wembley Stadium picture

Wembley Stadium

Whether you like playing football or watching it on the telly you will likely know that Wembley Stadium is the home of football for many, and this is where many historical football events took place. A tour will give you the chance to see the changing and dressing rooms and even check out the famous FA cup (although it’s only a replica).

A real game

Of course, football fans would readily agree that seeing a game live is one of the best ways to experience football in the home of football. If you want to see a live game, especially when it comes to the Scottish Premier League or the Premier League, make sure to book your tickets early, however, as tickets sell out fast.

The National Football Museum

Any football enthusiast would also tell you to visit the National Football Museum, which is located in the city of Manchester. The National Football Museum is a great football experience for everyone, young and old. You can have a full-on interactive experience and view interesting memorabilia such as the Hand of God shirt of Diego Maradona and the ball used at the 1966 World Cup Finals.

Playing at the river

If you want a football experience that’s a bit more on the unique side, why not visit the Cotswolds during the summer and watch a bit of football in the river? The event, aptly called ‘Football in the River,’ is held every August at Bourton-on-the-Water, and it’s where you can see the locals playing football in the River Windrush. Fortunately, the area where they play isn’t very deep (the water is only knee-high), so spectators can clearly see their moves even from the riverbanks.

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