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How to save money when travelling around Europe

European holidays are a timeless, consistently popular option when it comes to travelling. But with the increase in popularity can come an increase in cost, so what can you do to save the pennies while you’re travelling? Get your passport, apply for an e111 card online, and start packing, because we’ve pulled together some of the best money saving tips for your Europe travels.

Travel off-season

If it’s possible, try and aim to travel off-season. Not only will it be cheaper for you in terms of your travel costs, but it can save you stress while you’re on holiday too by keeping you out of the busiest places at the busiest times. Prices hike up during peak times of the year, so if you want to avoid spending out, travelling outside of June, July or August can save you hundreds in some cases. If you have to visit during these months, then be sure to look into which towns and cities are the least tourist-filled. Smaller towns with a low tourist level are likely to keep their prices constant year-round, and will be less crowded. You’ll also get more of an authentic experience, as you’re more likely to run into a local than another tourist.

Consider staying in hostels rather than a hotel

Hostels can be one of the biggest money-saving options of your entire holiday. While the sound of sharing a dormitory with complete strangers might not sound appealing, there are plenty of hostels in most cities in Europe that have private or smaller rooms, all for a fraction of the cost of what a hotel would be. A hotel in Europe can cost you anywhere between €50-300+ a night, whereas most hostels will offer their rooms for as low as €7 a night for their bigger dormitories, and €20+ a night for private rooms. If you’re willing to stay in a hostel, it can not only save you money, but provide a whole new travel experience. You’ll meet all kinds of people from all over the world, and it can increase your confidence in amazing ways.

Visit tourist information points

Visiting a tourist information point can not only give you ways of saving money, but can also help you get your bearings in the city. Pick up maps and leaflets for places that you want to visit, you never know what vouchers and codes could be hiding in them. Ask if they have an all-inclusive pass that will get you into some of the popular tourist destinations in the area. These passes can save you a lot of money on entry-fees, and some cities even have options for free travel and discounts for restaurants and more included. You can pick up all kinds of information about events and the cheapest ways to travel, which will ultimately save you money throughout you entire trip.

Look into travel options

More often than not, slower forms of travel are going to be cheaper. Taking a train or a bus as opposed to flying or taking a cab can save you hundreds over the course of the entire holiday. If you’re planning a trip across the whole of Europe, look into taking the night train. There are plenty of sleeper trains between the major European cities, and they’re far more comfortable and convenient than they sound. It can even save you money on hotel fees if your journey is long enough. The fares aren’t too costly, and you can enjoy the views of Europe whizzing by while you go.

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