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The top 3 major cities in England you must travel to

The Top 3 Major Cities in England You must travel

The United Kingdom is an incredible sovereign country that consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland; with it being separated from the US by the Atlantic Ocean, and with the English Channel connecting the UK to the rest of Europe, millions of tourists visit the region every single year. Overall, the UK is an established, well-respected and hugely influential nation all around the globe.

Now, England, which is recognised worldwide for Queen Elizabeth, fish & chips, black cabs and public houses, attracts a multitude of people per annum. Not because of its seaside resorts or it’s famously bad weather, but because of the magnificent major cities that the country is comprised of. Visiting the wonderful features of the major cities in England will require some travelling, and it may be wise to utilize a company care hire service to ensure your stay is smooth and convenient; make sure to compare car hire prices so that you get the very best deal! Anyway, within this article, we will look at the 3 which are considered the biggest.


Being the capital of the UK, it is no doubt that the city of London welcomes people from all over the world on a regular basis to soak up its history, do some sight-seeing or enjoy the English culture. There are a countless amounts of things that makes London a top attraction for visitors, and would most likely take a few visits, or similarly a long stay, to absorb all what it has to offer. But, it has history like no other, from the World War to Jack the Ripper, and you can gain plenty of knowledge from various attractions around the city.

In addition, I would advise taking a ride on the London Eye, taking photos in front of the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace (Home of Queen Elizabeth), Houses of Parliament & the Tower of London, and trying out some of its world class restaurants. Overall, London is one of the capitals around the world that must be visited at least once in your life!


With over 1 million people residing in this region, it is no surprise that Birmingham is the country’s second city. Other than London, of course, Birmingham is the most bustling, vibrant and developed area within the country. You may be wondering what exactly contributes to the rapidly rising tourist numbers within the heart of the West Midlands? Well, it is significantly famous for its lovely plethora of intertwining canals, and boasts of more miles of canals than the one and only…Venice!
Birmingham Canal, UK
Additionally, it has a deep cultural diversity, with over a third of its residents being attributed to various ethnic minorities. There are also several other reasons why Birmingham is such a worthy occupant on your travel list; not only is it recognised as the greenest city in the whole of the UK with its 8,000 acres of public parks, it houses adeluxe bullring shopping centre for you to do a spot of shopping, anew, spectacular Grand Central train station and unbeatable restaurants and bars.


This brilliant city is one that definitely deserves a visit, or three! Known throughout the world as the birthplace of the famous industrial revolution, this vivacious region is steeped in history whilst possessing a modern, 21st century appearance. Within this amazing city, there is something for you to enjoy no matter what your interests, preferences or personality; if you have a passion for football then 2 of the biggest teams in the world call Manchester their home…Manchester Unity and Manchester City, or do you love arts and culture? Because this area accommodates 2 of the UK’s accomplished orchestras…BBC Philharmonic and The Halle. Alternatively, if you love to party, eat great food from a variety of different cultures, or indulge in hours of shopping, then Manchester is should be next on your travel schedule!

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