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The best tourist spots around the world for sports enthusiasts

When most people think of a holiday, they usually envision nice beaches or wonderful scenery, great food and drink, and leisure and comfort; physical activity or sports are not a priority. Sports enthusiasts, on the other hand, think about rest and relaxation very differently, and for them the perfect holiday is one that involves their favourite sports. Some even take it a step further by betting on their favourite sports games whilst on holiday, and this is where reviews prove convenient.

Here’s a little-known fact: there are plenty of places around the world where you can go to experience watching or participating in physical activity whilst enjoying a holiday. Are you crazy about sports? Here are the best tourist spots around the world for sports enthusiasts.


Cricket is not just an exciting game – it’s a sport often played in warm and sunny places, and that’s a great bonus. Think of locations in Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. A cricket holiday in those locations is the perfect way to get some sun whilst cheering your favourite teams on. Of course, England (whilst not so warm) also offers plenty of cricket getaway places.

Formula one racing carFormula One

Formula One is excellent for those who enjoy fast-paced action combined with loud engines and great crowds. The iconic race track in Spa, Belgium is one of the most famous ones, but there are great circuits located all over – think also of the USA, or if you’re thinking about going to Asia, Singapore has a great track as well.


When you think about football, Brazil is the place to go. Football is not just the national sport over there; it’s considered as sacred as religion, and you see adults and children alike playing games in even the most unlikely places. A beautiful country with a great history and varied culture that has both tropical rainforests and sunny beaches, Brazil is an excellent destination for football fanatics.


If you’re a cycling fan, there a two countries where you are guaranteed to see your favourite cyclists from all over the world compete for the jerseys when the season arrives: France (Tour de France) and Italy (Giro d’Italia) are sure to provide great food, great wine, and a whole load of fun and culture as you watch your favourite cyclists speed by.

Of course, there are plenty of other places you can explore, depending on your requirements; the United States is excellent if you love baseball or basketball, and Canada and Iceland have long been famous for their excellent hockey teams. Surfers can check out New Zealand and Australia, and there are plenty of hotspots all over the world for those who enjoy golf. The next time you go on holiday, why not make it one that includes lots of sports?

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