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How to keep safe when you’re travelling alone

Travelling alone can be an exciting but nerve-wracking adventure, but one that is well worth the risks if you know how to keep yourself safe while taking them. Stepping away from looking at the most worthwhile flights or your ESTA visa registration and looking into a few extra details about where you’re actually going can do wonders to helping you stay safe, and we’ve collected together some more of the best ways to help keep yourself safe while you’re travelling on your own.

Blend in

In general, dress modestly. Try not to wear short shorts, or low cut tops that show off more than they cover. Avoiding wearing jewellery or expensive items can also do you a world of good, and wearing flat, comfortable shoes can make for an easy run if you do happen to find yourself in trouble. Beyond how you look, how you act also makes a world of difference. Don’t get drunk, and don’t act like a fool while you’re out. It can draw attention to you, which is the opposite of what you want if you want to stay safe. As boring as this all may sound, it’s also one of the best ways that you can keep yourself safe while you’re alone and travelling.

Make sure you know where not to go

Favella BrazilUnfortunately, while most of us will search for the best places to visit in our destinations, very few of us actually look into where not to visit. Having some idea as to which parts of the city are the ‘bad’ areas or are prone to crime or attacks on tourists will help you avoid getting caught in such an area unknowingly, or you can at least know where to take the most caution if you find yourself having to pass through a certain area that you know to be dangerous.

Choose where you stay carefully

Choosing the right accommodation can be vital to keeping yourself safe while you’re on holiday. Your accommodation is where you sleep, and where you’re the least on-guard, so having a safe environment in which to relax is important. If you can, choose a hotel chain with a good reputation. You may have to pass up on the ‘authentic’ feel, but you can’t put a cost on safety. For women, some hotels even offer women-only floors. Ask for a room above the ground floor, near the elevator but away from emergency exits or stairwells if you can. If you can’t get a room in a larger hotel or afford one, have a look into inns or bed and breakfasts rather than motels. Make sure you look around and be sure to investigate each place before you book.

Know how to defend yourself

Self-defence classes are luckily growing in popularity and availability, and some companies may even be willing to pay for the cost for you. Taking a class even if you aren’t planning on travelling anytime soon can give you a wealth of knowledge for travelling even your home streets. If self-defence isn’t something you feel you can do, look into devices that can give you the upper hand. However, it’s important to remember that a lot of self-defence items are illegal and won’t pass through customs on a flight. Do your research and make sure that you don’t violate any rules with what you try and bring.

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