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The best school trips worldwide

School trips provide you with memories that’ll last a lifetime, no matter where you visit. More and more schools are venturing out of the country and embarking on adventures that enrich knowledge more than ever before and give student’s something to talk about for years to come. The variety of options available from student travel companies increases each year, and 2017 is showing some amazing destinations that any student and teacher would be thrilled to visit.

Organising a school trip is never going to be a walk in the park, but heading to experts will make the experience as hassle free as possible and give you all the trip of a lifetime. This infographic explores the best school trips around the globe, taking price, rating, and subject into consideration. These destinations are the perfect places for students to learn more about their subject and have the best experience of their lives.

Countries featured on this infographic include China, Portugal, USA, and Australia. Where will you be jetting off to next?


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