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Top fishing holiday locations

For those of you who are regular fishers, you’ll be aware of the best spots to head to within your area. However, have you ever thought about fishing while on holiday? There are some fantastic locations around the world for you to exploit and enjoy. We have decided to share with you our favourite fishing locations across the globe, so grab your rod & your carp fishing tackle and prepare for the best fishing trip of your life!

fishing boat, MontaukOne of our favourite fishing locations has to be the Montauk Point in New York, USA. Montauk Point is a national park beach resort, which is largely considered to be the best place for surf-casting, is located at the eastern tip of Long Island. This location is overflowing with weakfish, cod, tuna, mackerel and more many more various types of fish, therefore your chances of catching a wide variety of fish is very likely here.

The Seychelles is also well worth a visit to enjoy some peaceful fishing. This country is made up of one hundred tropical islands and is stationed to the east of Africa. Seychelles is a popular place for as a location and niche tourist area in the form of fishing tourists due to its fabulous white sand beaches, clear blue oceans and lack of crowds.

Onto our next location and here we have Labrador in Newfoundland, Canada. If you thoroughly enjoy trout, then Labrador is the place for you! The Trout stocks grow to enormous sizes and numbers in this region during the short summer season. Labrador is also the best option for you if you really enjoy nature in addition to fishing as this location also offers activities such as bird watching, boat trips, iceberg viewing and camping.

Fishing in Newfoundland

If culture and fishing are your cup of tea and you aren’t bothered by plenty of rain and your evenings being spent in a little countryside pub when you are finished fishing for the day, then our next location is the one for you. Less than an hour from London is The Itchen and Test Rivers located in Hampshire, England and is well worth considering taking a trip to. This location offers you the opportunity to catch some trout and Atlantic salmon.

Another brilliant location to consider taking a trip to is Patagonia in Argentina. With some of the most dramatic mountains and beautiful landscapes on earth at the southernmost tip of south America, Patagonia definitely a place you should visit. Due to the harsh weather, it has very few tourists but don’t be fooled. This is one of the best locations in the world for dry fly trout fishing in its countless rivers, therefore it is not hard to understand why fishing lovers flock to these parts.

Moving onto the last location and arguably the best. The Florida Keys, USA is many fishing lovers favourite place for deep sea fishing. This location is perfect for relaxation and a place to enjoy an ice-cold beer whilst getting some great fishing done. The coast around the Key West is extremely good with countless opportunities to come across barracuda, shark, marlin and tuna to name just a few. Once you have finished your fishing trip and find yourself having a bit of time left over, you can also take some time exploring the country itself as there is so much to see.

White-tailed eagle, fishing

To conclude, be sure to get yourself over to these locations and experience the fishing trip of a lifetime.

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