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Weirdest stops on your South Carolina RV adventure

Roadside stops are a part of the traditional American vacation, but they used to be relegated only to those people who owned an RV or were willing to sit in a cramped car for hours on end. Today, you can rent an RV, which means the world of wacky stops is available to everyone!
Whether you’re planning on vacationing in South Carolina or you’re just traveling through the state, consider making a pit stop at one of these weird places.

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The UFO Welcome Center

What does a travel weary alien do before he begins his vacation on planet earth? He stops by The UFO Welcome Center, of course!
Located in Bowman, the welcome center was built by a single man with a dream to provide a place to rest for the weary alien traveler. So far, he hasn’t had any luck, but if you pay the entry fee, he’ll let you tour the welcome center.

It has everything an alien might need, like a toilet, a shower, a television, and it even has air conditioning.

The Remains of Dorchester

When you think about the ruins of an ancient city, you probably don’t think to find them in the United States, let alone in South Carolina. But, that’s exactly what you’ll find in Dorchester.

Verandah, South CarolinaOriginally founded in 1696, the original Dorchester was later abandoned in 1751. The residents couldn’t take the hot climate, and many of them died from disease. Not to mention, the town simply didn’t have the resources to support a large population.

Today, the ruins of this city can be toured, including the Old White Meeting House, which was abandoned after the Civil War. This historic site is now owned and maintained by the Summerville Presbyterian Church.

Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden

Appreciate the artistic talent of Pearl Fryar by visiting his topiary garden. It features whimsical topiaries in all shapes and sizes that he has been maintaining since 1981. The history of why this place was created is even more amazing than the topiaries themselves.

Pearl was determined to become the first African-American in Bishop to win the “Yard of the Month Award”. His garden has gone far beyond winning awards. With a partnership between the Friends of Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden and the Garden Conservancy, the garden will be preserved and maintained for many years to come.

The Button Museum

Looking for a different kind of museum? Check out The Button Museum. You’ll find a lot more than just buttons:
• A button covered suit
• A button covered car
• Button covered shoes
• Button covered musical instruments
• And more

The museum is located in Bishopville in a hangar built next to the creator’s home. Not only can you tour his amazing button covered objects, you can also purchase one of his musical CDs that is all about his button obsession.

There are plenty of mainstream things to do on your next vacation, but why not trod off the beaten path? Check out one of these weird stops and you’ll definitely have something unique to share with your friends and family when you return home!

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