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Things you should know planning a couple’s getaway in winter

Winter is the perfect time to spend some time with your significant other on a romantic holiday. If you’re planning a special weekend getaway with your significant other this cold season, there are many things to consider as a couple.

Planning and preparing well for a couples winter getaway is necessary. You should be able to book flights and accommodations ahead of time, plan your itinerary, and ensure that you and your loved one are travelling safe.

Couple hiking, winter

Here are 5 things that you should know while planning a couple’s getaway in winter:

1. Know where to go for winter getaways.

Check out the best places for a winter holiday. Whether you prefer to bask in the hot sun or go on a winter wonderland adventure, you have many wonderful places to choose from. Some of the best getaway beaches are in the Caribbean, Hawaii, or in the South Pacific islands. You can also cosy up with a hot beverage after a day of skiing at ski resorts located all over Europe.

2. Decide on accommodations that are right for you.

Winter romantic getaways are the perfect time to bond with your partner. One important factor when you’re on couples’ holiday is accommodation. Romantic holidays are best enjoyed when lodging meets your needs and budget. Whether you get a hotel, cabin, campsite, or bed & breakfast, the most important thing is that you will both enjoy the place as a couple.

3. There are unexpected things that could happen that could spoil your holiday.

Couple at sunsetAs much as we all wish that our holiday will go smoothly without any trouble at all, there are unforeseen events that could derail our travel plans. In order to ensure that you and your partner will be protected from cancellation, loss of baggage, theft, emergency repatriation, and medical expenses while travelling, it is highly recommended that you take out couples travel insurance. Getting couples travel insurance for EU residents can be done in seconds. It’s just a matter of choosing the policy that is right for both of you. You can also get travel insurance extras such as cover for valuables, excess waiver, adventure activities, and return home options.

4. Learn packing tips from the experts.

You need to decide what type of baggage works well for your trip, and pack the essentials. What you bring will depend on where you are going. For the ladies, always pack sweet and sexy lingerie to take the chill off a winter night.

5. Keep your days flexible and open.

Instead of meticulously planning your daily tours and activities, leave some flexibility for relaxing in the pool or taking a long walk together. Do not overschedule and pack in too many activities that will stress you out.

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It is always a special time when you get to travel with your life partner. In order to ensure that things will go smoothly and nothing will hamper your holiday, it is always best to plan well. One of the best things to ease your worry and give you peace of mind is to take out travel insurance. When you invest in travel insurance, you are assured that you are both well-protected on your trip.

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