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New cruise destinations to look out for in 2018

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Make no mistake, cruising is only growing in popularity. And while the classic images of transatlantic voyages, Caribbean tours and lazy days exploring the Mediterranean are all well and good, there are plenty of other places to sail to. If you’re one of the thousands thinking of taking a cruise in 2018, take a look at some of the most up-and-coming destinations to get some inspiration.


While part of the Caribbean, this massive island has a proud lineage and heritage all its own. Cuba is a distinctive place, even among its cousins in mainland South America, and countless cruises are making their way to its beaches this year. Classic cars weave their way around sunny Havana, while the rum they make here is even better when enjoyed under the hot Cuban sun.

There are lots of reasons why Cuba deserves your attention. Perhaps the best part is that a cruise lets you enjoy the comforts of your cabin while also making the most of Cuba’s tourist highlights. Because Cuba only really recently opened its doors to international tourism, recent years saw hotel room prices skyrocket. A cruise to Cuba will allow you to make the most of the sun, music and shopping without getting caught up in a spending trap, allowing you to see the authentic island in all its glory.

Far East Asia

The scattered islands of The Philippines, the sunlit beach parties of Thailand and the mysteries of Malaysia each await a growing number of cruise lines looking to add some spice and intrigue to their 2018 voyages. Asia has become the new darling of the cruising world, thanks to its mix of traditional lifestyles in rural Malaysia, contrasted by the neon cityscapes of Singapore, Hong Kong and Busan.

Marella Cruises has recently launched its autumn and winter 2018 Asia voyages, which are well worth looking into if you’re interested in travelling to this part of the world. Fine cuisine and sublime sights, like limestone rock towers and cute islets, make this part of the world an enticing place to sail to.


Cold-weather cruising is definitely here to stay, trading extra layers in your suitcase for grand vistas and Northern Lights. Yet if the remoteness of Greenland doesn’t quite appeal, Alaska could well be the place for you. In fact, people seem to be cruising there in droves, and it’s pretty clear why.

Huskie sledding, tours of popular glaciers and whale watching, forest hikes and the ever popular Skagway Distillery promise treats for all of the senses. The welcome Alaskans famously extend is also just as warm as any Caribbean sunrise you might otherwise cruise to.

The British Virgin Islands

Talking of the Caribbean, there’s one superb collection of islands there that’s been off the cruising menu for far too long. As the British Virgin Islands prepare to open their doors to tourism once more, leading cruise lines are competing to include this untouched corner of the world in their itineraries.

While you’re likely to serenely drift past rum shacks and golden beaches, some cruises are taking a new spin on the Virgin Islands, offering Star Wars themed fun in the most gorgeous parts of the Caribbean.

Cruise ship in rays of sun

Be it to grab some adventure or unwind and relax, there are plenty of reasons to cruise in 2018. Better still, the destinations on offer have never been more varied or exciting.

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