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How the UK is changing the way Brits holiday

Traditionally when you think of a holiday most imagine jetting off abroad. But more and more people are choosing to holiday within the UK, rather than venturing overseas: there are several reasons for this, such as the reduced cost and the minimal hassle. However, a holiday is still needed in order to flex exploring muscles or simply to unwind and relax, so why are people opting to stay so close to home?

Zen Breaks

Zen holidays uk

People wouldn’t automatically think of relaxing close to where stresses lie, such as work, school or the daily worries of home however there is a growing trend in UK holiday scene, the Zen break.

There are places popping up all over the UK that offer a break away from the stresses of everyday life, giving people a chance to ground themselves and look after their mental health.

The holidays aren’t focused on finding thrilling activities, eating out, or sunbathing, but are instead centred on meditation, yoga and, ultimately, relaxation.

There are places dotted up and down the country that offer meditation retreats, such as Buddhist monasteries. At these retreats you spend a number of days, from a weekend up to two weeks, meditating, nuns and monks encourage and support inward reflection, helping you release pent up tension.

Zen breaks can also include a trip to the spa. Typically, over a weekend you can arrange a variety of treatments such a massage and facials, together with visiting various steam rooms, saunas and the pool: it is an indulgent way to find relief from the strains and pressure of day-to-day life.

Affordable Holiday Homes

Affordable uk holiday homes

Owning a holiday home seems like a pipe-dream, reserved for the wealthy and retired: villas in Spain can be reasonably priced but, when you factor in peak flights costs and currency conversions, it starts to become a little complicated to visit the property you own.

Instead British people are opting for a more affordable option, the UK holiday home. We are not talking about stuffy small caravans that you have to cart around behind your car. Instead there are luxury static caravans and modern lodges which are very reasonably priced and located in beauty spots across the UK.

A UK holiday home gives the feel of a holiday without all of the extras that holidays abroad require.

They also have the added benefit of being money makers, owners can rent them out for part of the year which will bring in additional income.

So, if you are someone who likes to take multiple breaks in the year then you may want to consider UK holiday caravans for sale. That way you can go on holiday whenever the mood takes you.

Shorter Breaks, More Frequently

uk beach break

Only the lucky few will be able to afford to take more than one big holiday a year. Most will save all year for that one big break, which is great if you have somewhere specific in mind. However, if the sole aim of your holiday is to get away and relax, you could probably treat yourself to several shorter UK breaks.

Everywhere in the UK can be visited for a long weekend and there are a range of different experiences to try. So, instead of just one beach holiday abroad for the year, a person may enjoy a beach holiday in Cornwall, mountain climbing in Wales, a city break in Edinburgh and a family trip to Chester, all in the same year for around the same price as that one big holiday abroad.

Beautiful Homeland

Beautiful uk coastal view

From clear blue waters and sandy beaches, to wild dense forests, from snowy topped mountains to bustling cities, the UK is blessed with a varied landscape which is great for anyone looking for different types of holidays.

There are some magnificent beauty spots in the UK, for example the county of Cornwall has beautiful stretches of coastlines and experiences hot weather conditions during the summer months, this makes it a perfect trip for beach holiday fans: proving that you don’t need to go far or spend a lot to experience the perfect summer holiday.
Scotland was recently named as the most beautiful country in the WORLD, in a poll by Rough Guide. It is pretty much on the doorstep of most in the UK, or is only a short trip, in comparison to flights to some countries, for others. Experience first-hand the blue waters of Calgary Bay or take a walk down the 337 stone steps of The Whaligoe Steps in the picturesque Highlands.

There is so much of the UK to explore.

Great Deals

Kid throwing kite off dune

One of the greatest pulls of a staycation is the cost difference, more so because there are so many companies and websites that have offers for UK-based holidays.

You may be able to get a cheap holiday abroad through a travel agent or a comparison website, but when you factor in spending money, luggage costs, airport parking or taxis and so on, a cheap holiday abroad can start to get a little more expensive.

Websites like Wowcher and Groupon often have weekend breaks at a heavily discounted price that are great for couples to take advantage of. British tabloid The Sun run their £9.50 British holiday offer every year.

These types of offers allow couples to go on spur of the moment weekend breaks or give families the opportunity to actually go on a holiday.

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