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Mediterranean-inspired homes on a budget

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Travelling to exotic countries inspires many people to adapt architectural designs local to the area. Some of the most popular architecture adapted in homes around the world are those found in the Mediterranean. What’s inviting about Mediterranean architecture is the rustic look with arched doorways and muted colour scheme. It also features the heavy use of tiles for the roof and as a wall treatment. While this style was popular in the 1940s and 1950s, there are many people today who want to invoke the look of living in the Mediterranean.

If you are fond of travelling to these countries and would like to add some architectural elements mirroring the Mediterranean, you can start with a few simple, but tasteful details. For example, update interior and exterior doors with a warm colour scheme. There are composite doors that already come pre-painted and will fit with a Mediterranean style home. Here are additional ideas to make your home a travel-worthy destination.

Use Tiles as a Design Element

The use of tiles is prevalent in Mediterranean architecture. Ceramic tiles with organic designs can be incorporated in your bathroom, patio floors or in the kitchen. Keep the colour palette neutral and opt for earthy hues that mimic nature. You can be as creative as you want but keeping the use of tiles to a minimum will ensure a more tasteful application.

Use Accent Pieces in the Living Room

Simple design elements can make living spaces look like it came out of a Mediterranean travel catalogue. Think about putting throw pillows in warm neutral tones. Throw rugs with beadwork and embroidery can also fit the theme. If you want a more genuine Mediterranean look, decorate with furniture made from wrought iron or hardwood. You should also stick with white or neutral curtains that are made of airy material.

The culture of the Mediterranean region focuses on enjoying life to the fullest. This means that your home should also look organic, carefree and inviting. Stick with warm earth colours for walls. You can also try textured treatment for exterior walls and tires for the roof. Splashes of colour will add a more vibrant look to the interior of the home. The key is to keep it minimal because you wouldn’t want to end with a home that looks more like a resort.

If you want to save on the cost of redecorating your home, you can always scout online for second hand or refurbished items. You can also find some nice decorative pieces from flea markets and auctions. Try looking for wood that can be refurbished into decorative mouldings. If you are handy with crafts, you can find some DIY ideas to help you with a few creations that will tie together your Mediterranean inspired home.

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