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What to prepare if you are planning to travel and live abroad

Traveling and living abroad is a very attractive option for many who feel burnt out by their daily routines. You can often see blogs and stories online about people who have successfully quit their day jobs and decided to travel for months or even years. Yes, this is in fact possible to the point where you can live comfortably while traveling. But there is much preparation required before making a decision. Here are some tips on what and how you need to prepare for long-term overseas travel.

Prepare to Let go of your properties
If you are traveling for an extended period of time, you will have to think about what you will be leaving behind. If you have an apartment that you don’t want to sell, you can rent it out or sublet it while you are away. You should also think about what you can sell or put in storage for the time being. Items you don’t wish to let go off can be put away in a storage facility. Crate rental can be a convenient way to transport your stuff and put them in storage.

Prepare yourself financially
This will have to be a priority for anyone who wants to live and travel abroad. Your preparation should depend on which part of the globe you wish to travel most at. As much as possible, have a contingency plan when it comes to your finances. Think about options for earnings even while you’re abroad. Some people sell travel photos, or put up an online travel blog to finance their travels.
It is also important to set a budget while you are still preparing for your travel. Limit personal expenses and cut back on extravagant activities such as frequent dinners outside. Cook at home to save money on food which you can allot later on to your travel expenses.

Get all personal affairs in order
What this means is to ensure that you don’t leave the country with any liabilities. If you have any debts, be sure to pay them off before leaving. When you quit your job, ensure that you are also cleared with your employer and have satisfied all that is required from you.

Prepare yourself physically and emotionally
Aside from making sure that you have all important documents prepared, you need to prepare yourself physically as well. Have an executive health check-up and be sure you are up to date with your vaccinations and immunisations especially if you are traveling to countries with known infectious diseases. You would want to also be sure that you are fit. Aside from physical health, prepare yourself emotionally as well. You have to understand that living in a new country is bound to be stressful no matter how excited you feel.

Lastly, inform all your family and friends that you are planning to live abroad for a while. Establish contact with them so that you know who to reach out to in case you experience any problems while you’re outside of the country. If you are well prepared, there is truly a great adventure waiting for you out there.

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