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Where to go this summer: top 5 destinations

Are you bored? Did you spend all last year just going back and forth from home to work? Did you spend all your free time working or playing on your mobile, for example? Have you felt that you’ve been stressed out too much lately? Well, you’re in luck: summer is just around the corner and what better thing to do than take a summer vacation!

Would you rather go on a cultural journey, or a tropical paradise break? There are loads of fun things to do this summer.


Japan’s summer festivals are some of the most colourful around the world. During summer this traditional country boasts numerous colourful festivals, like the Mitama Matsuri, happening on July 13 this year. You’ll get to see colourful parades and numerous people wearing colourful costumes to celebrate the events. You can enjoy traditional Japanese cuisine while there and wear the same costumes they do during the event. You can also participate in their traditions, like in the Tanabata, where you can write down your wishes and hang it on bamboo. The bamboo is then set afloat in a river or burned after the festival. This trip is perfect for anyone who is a fan of Japanese culture. Influences from Japanese culture are seen everywhere these days, even in the mainstream of other cultures, so it isn’t uncommon to find people who are fans of Japan. It’s a tad expensive though, so make sure you have plenty of spending money on you.


If festivals are not your thing and you’re trying to get away from the heat, maybe a cool place like Sweden, Norway, or Denmark will be a good place for you. Enjoy the cool things about Viking lands in summer when the sun’s out. That’s why they’re called the Land of the Midnight Sun. You can plan a tour to see the sights of the three Nordic countries or just get a backpack, a few clothes, some cash and some food, and just wing it. The place is great for nature lovers.


If you are trying to escape the heat, you may move farther north where it’s a bit cooler or you may try your luck south where it’s winter! Imagine snowboarding in July or August. In Australia, you may go skiing or snowboarding in Perisher Valley or Selwyn Snowfields. When you’re tired you may visit Sydney and Melbourne’s many museums and enjoy Australia’s history and culture.

The Philippines

If you’re the type of person who enjoys the sand, surf, and waves, there are plenty of places to visit, especially in the Pacific. There are over 7,107 islands to explore. Visit Manila and explore the history behind one of the oldest Spanish colonies once you’re tired of the sand and sea. Shop in one of the biggest malls in Asia to take home some souvenirs. Explore the oldest places in the capital. Eat, drink, and be merry with the locals of Batangas this June in the Parade of Roasted Pigs. A country rich in history, tradition, and faith, the Philippines is known as the Pearl of the Orient Seas.


Macau is like Las Vegas: full of resorts and casinos. If you’re a gambler then you might want to explore this small territory where the East meets the West. Explore it’s past in its museums. You can arrange a tour, or just fly there on your own. It’s a short flight from Japan or the Philippines, so if you visit one of the two, or both, you can just fly into Macau and play away.

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