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The world’s greatest sites to explore

The best adventures come from breaking away from the tourist-filled cities and heading off on your own to explore. What better way to do this than with road trips? If you’re an independent spirit who wants time to wind through canyons and take off in search of more secluded spots, then this is the way to travel to really get to know each destination.

The world has some truly remarkable locations and sights to explore and with the convenience of picking up your car hire at the airport, you can be on your adventure as soon as you land. Here are some of the best sights across the world that you should add to your itinerary.

Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico was created for independent exploration and the Yucatan peninsula is evidence of that. The Mayan ruins and temple sites are extraordinary and visiting this area gives you the opportunity to see the sacred carvings that are surrounded by jungle flora. The most popular site is Chichen Itza, but there’s also Uxmal and Tulum nearby which are also easily accessible.

Chile’s Lake District

Beginning in Santiago, this route takes you through the picturesque lake district in the heart of the Chilean Andes. Studded by sapphire lakes, pine forests and green meadows, all overlooked by snow-capped mountains, it’s a route that offers up some pretty amazing views. Along the way, you’ll be led to settlements and hot springs, charming local villages and resort towns.

Spanish Mediterranean Coast

 When thinking about Spain, people usually think of the great food, amazing football and the beautiful Mediterranean coast line. With crystal clear sea, golden beaches and a variety of quiet destinations and party towns along the way, the Spanish coast is an experience to behold, there are no set routes for this, but you can start of in Alicante with a car from Avis and drive along the coast to Barcelona to experience all the sites on the way.

 The Andes Mountains

If you’re a confident driver seeking something more challenging, the rocky dirt roads of the Andes will be perfect. You’ll pass rough rivers, volcano-studded deserts and ice-capped mountains as you journey through the range, stopping off at villages and Incan ruins along the way. Be sure to visit top sights such as Cusco and the colonial city of Aacucho while you’re here for an unforgettable dose of culture to your trip.

Pantanal Wetlands

The Pantanal in Brazil, the largest inland wetland in the world, is a must for travellers looking for natural landscapes and amazing wildlife-spotting opportunities. There are over 200 species of fish, 120 mammal species and at least 600 varieties of birds here. This is one for a 4WD as some of the roads are more remote and unpaved, but well worth exploring. On the north of the region, you’ll find the Transpantaneira which takes you across over 120 bridges to Porto Jofre, while on the south side you can follow the popular Estrada Parque route.

Now you have some destinations that you need to visit, you just need to plan your trip. We recommend visiting these places in a road trip, so we have got a road trip survival guide for you below to help plan your trip as best you can.

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