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Why you should visit Palma, Mallorca

Majorca or Mallorca, however you wish to spell it, has many beautiful places that you surely cannot doubt, and the sheer breadth of choice that this comparatively small island has to offer is astonishing! The biggest of the Balearic Islands, you will most likely think of sunshine and beaches – and it has this, in abundance! But aside from looking like the Caribbean and providing unbelievable beach holidays, this delightful island has a few other strings to its bow! If you would like to visit Mallorca, or are even debating whether to hire removals to Mallorca and move there forever, read on!



Every single time the word Island is mentioned we draw up a mental picture of white beaches and a crystal clear ocean. The best news is that this mental picture of the perfect beach is a reality in Mallorca! The twenty beaches of Mallorca are a paradise for windsurfers due to its stable winds around the year and give the perfect opportunity to have an adventure of a lifetime.


The dining scene has gotten better and better, and now has some of the finest, and most diverse, restaurants in Spain. From Michelin-starred haute cuisine and buzzing tapas bars, to a wide range of vegetarian and vegan establishments, plus numerous Indian, Asian, Italian, and of course Mallorcan restaurants, you’ll never be stuck for a great place to eat. Palma’s San Juan Mercado Gastronómico is also a must-visit cornucopia of culinary delights for those who want to sample a variety to either take away, or eat at long bistro-style tables.


After being disocered by the Romans over 2,000 years ago, occupied by the Byzantine and Moorish empire, and coming under Spanish control in the 12th century, Palma has, of course, a particularly rich and wonderful history. Thanks to careful preservation of the Casco Antiguo (the Old Town), a lot of the city’s history can been seen in the narrow cobbled lanes, gorgeous medieval architecture, and ancient landmarks such as the old ramparts and iconic cathedral. There are also two outstanding museums where you can teach yourself about the cities past; the Museum of Mallorca in the heart of the Old Town, and another up in the delightful Bellver Castle perched on a pine-covered hill.


Palma has a lively nightlife. Although, many bars don’t get animated until well after the clock strikes twelve, so there’s plenty of time for a show before the boogying starts. For a night of entertainment, you have to check out the Teatre Principal where a variety of shows happen. Otherwise, you’ll find listings for ballets, plays and flamenco at the Auditorium on the Paseo Maritimo, which is where the main parties happen. Jazz lovers might be interested in visiting one of Palma’s jazz clubs, Hotel Saratoga boasts the sophisticated Blue Jazz Club on their top floor, whilst the no-frills Jazz Voyeur Club is located in the heart of Palma’s old town.

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