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Medical Tourism in Europe

Medical tourism is a common practice not only among the avid traveler but also for people who simply wish to benefit from the same quality and medical expertise at much lower costs. The competitive prices in some EU countries, combined with planning the trip via a low-cost airline and finding affordable accommodation, can result in a lower overall cost for some procedures, with a bonus visit to a new country. Among the top ranking European destinations that offer high quality and low-cost medical services, we can list Romania, Hungary, Poland or Turkey.

Top European destinations for medical tourism

Turkey is one of the top destinations for medical tourism in Europe and a particular niche of interest for patients is the hair transplant one. Many patients would prefer to have the follicular unit transplantation or the follicular unit extraction procedures, which are both known to yield natural results with little side effects. The costs for these types of procedures are much lower than in countries like the UK, France, Germany, and other EU countries.

Singapore skylineMedical tourism is not only popular in Europe. Other countries are also top destinations for patients. Singapore is not only a well-known location for those who wish to open a company but it is also a location where individuals can have access to quality healthcare services and the advantage of being in an English-speaking city.

Entrepreneurs who offer medical services in Europe can also provide special medical tourism packages for international clients. Having an English-speaking staff and the openness to attract foreign clients can boost the revenue of a clinic. Entrepreneurs who open a clinic that offers medical services in the United Kingdom can work with a local defence solicitor for those situations that imply medical negligence.

Tourism and medical treatment in one trip

One of the top advantages of medical tourism, apart from the fact that patients can benefit from lower treatment costs, is the fact that they have the chance to combine both the treatment and the pleasure of visiting a new country.

Blue Mosque, IstanbulIstanbul is one example of a city with a rich cultural heritage, vibrant city life, and delicious cuisine and street food. Patients who come to Turkey for a hair transplant at a clinic in Istanbul can visit the minarets, the museums and, of course, the impressive Blue Mosque.

Other European countries are also worth exploring if you are there for other initial purposes. Bucharest, the capital city of Romania is a choice for foreigners who are in need of dental treatment. From the capital city, visitors can schedule plenty of day-trips to visit the famous Bran castle or the beautiful cities in Transylvania.

Medical tourism in Europe combines the best of both worlds: the joy of travel and exploring different cultures and places and the benefit of having access to high quality medical services.

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