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5 great places to unwind on your vacation leave

Are you stressed from work? Book a flight, pack your things, and fly to someplace nice.

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No matter how much you love your job, there comes a time when you start feeling weary, tired, and anxious. Waking up to your alarm doesn’t feel as exciting, and working seems like a hard chore. It’s like as if you feel stuck and worn out.

Maybe it’s that pile of paperwork on your desk, your boss breathing on your neck, or a lazy colleague that just stresses you out. We all have our own frustrating moments at work. Sometimes, they can be as tiny as that dysfunctional coffee maker or as big as that failed deal with a client. Whatever may stress you out in your 9-5, the same remedy still applies: Take a break.

A good vacation is all it takes to de-stress from work. Having a change of pace and place is a great way to cut that dull, monotonous weekday hiatus. So file a vacation leave and fly to some great places you can unwind.

Below are 5 destinations you’d want to take respite in – because the perfect place to go and the best place to entertain you is definitely not your office nor your desk:

#1 Las Vegas, United States of America

Las Vegas pic

See the amazing place of Las Vegas.

This lively and colorful area located in California is globally known as the ultimate playground. It is the ideal destination for any travelers looking for a quick escape. It offers entertainment that’s quite remarkable. From partying on its wide stretch of crazy and high-end clubs to trying your luck in casino roulettes, Las Vegas proves time and again that it’s every adult’s fun and exciting recreation ground.

Las Vegas is the place to go if you want to try these sorts of environment. But if you want to get away from a rowdy drunk crowd and bad hangovers, there are also other sets of amusement to your liking.

Besides the drinking and partying, Las Vegas is also known for its live entertainment shows. You can catch a musical or some zombie dancers on stage. The city has an interesting history and culture to which you can see and understand by visiting its museums and art galleries. You can try its rich cuisine and shop on its luxurious boutiques.

There is something for everyone in Las Vegas. Whatever sorts of entertainment you’re into, you’ll find yourself saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

#2 Cebu, Philippines

Cebu beach

The tropical vibes of this amazing country are priceless.

The Philippines is made up of many different islands that are all equally beautiful. It’s also a country with several island-cities, and one of which is the famous Cebu. You can experience Cebu’s vibrant city culture in a minute and find yourself walking into its pristine white sandbars the next.

The Philippines is generally a nice country to lay low, chill, and enjoy its varied activities. You can either have your respite in peace or party like crazy. And the best thing is, everything in the Philippines is relatively cheap. It’s a popular tourist destination because it doesn’t cost too much to shop, dine, or stay. You can experience all its grandeur and glory without breaking your bank.

Whether you are interested in seas or mountains, the Cebu’s nature’s bounty will leave you speechless. Some hours away from its city will lead you to a mountain area for you to hike or a beach to surf. There are plenty of relaxing spots everywhere too. Don’t forget to pack your walking gears, swimsuits, and sunblock.

#3 Thudufushi, Maldives

Maldives resort

Maldives’ godly beaches make no wonder why it’s the ultimate tourist destination for any traveler. This country is blessed with white sand beaches and underwater world. It is the ideal place for those wishing to take a super relaxing ambiance. The view alone from your resort’s balcony can cure your stress, let alone dipping in its fine waters or swimming with the fishes.

The Maldives country can be found in South Asia. It is difficult to choose a specific island in the Maldives to stay in, as all are genuinely, inexplicably beautiful. But for what it’s worth, Thudufushi deserves more rounds of applause.

Some of the best diving spots in the Maldives are in Ari Atoll, an island where Thudufushi is located. Thudufushi has a 5-star resort that’s great for honeymooning and snorkeling. You can rest comfortably after a long day of enjoying the beach or seeing bountiful creatures underwater.

#4 Provence, France

French street

France is known to have this striking elegance that, without a doubt, continues to mesmerize and lure tourists from all over the world. This country is both calming and beautiful, but little do we know that its historical province, Provence, exudes the most charm.

Provence is located on the southeastern French region. It has stunning views into the Alps and remote vineyards. You will love its narrow country lanes and the laid-back ambiance of the place.

The environment is so relaxing and the people are so friendly. It’s perfect for people like you wanting to escape the hustles and bustles of everyday life without traveling too far from civilization.

Imagine renting a bike downtown and cycling through its dainty streets and traditional villages. With some pedal power, you can arrive in the lavender fields. This eye-candy is a relaxing place to hang around for a bit. It’s a nice spot for picture-taking and meditation.

You take a pit stop at its vineyard for some wine tasting or spot a cozy cafe where you can enjoy a midday caffeine break while watching the locals and internalizing the beauty of Provence. Truly, this place offers a fine way to ease off the pace of modern life.

#5 Saruni Samburu Safari Camp, Kenya

Giraffe eating acacia

Visiting a safari camp may not be on top of your list. Heck, you might not have even considered it for your trip. But then again, a new environment can help dispose of those negative energies. And what better way have than braving an adventure in the wildlife?

You’ll be surprised to see how this daring journey can be just so relaxing. The Saruni Samburu Safari Camp is a remote camp that offers the best views for birdwatching, safaris, and other natural wildlife.

Besides the first-rate safari experience, this remote camp also has luxurious and charming accommodations. It includes a Wellbeing Space – a name that really speaks for itself because of its relaxing amenities. There is a pool, a spa, and some dining areas.

So you see, you get the best of both worlds at Kenya. You can experience its wildlife while also finding some peace and respite at its camp.

Where are you going next?

While there are many other relaxing places in the world, you can begin planning your trip with this list. They are great destinations for some downtime and peace. We hope you’ll always take care of yourself, especially when you’re too stressed with your daily hustles. Pamper yourself with a trip. You deserve it.

Have you been to any of these places? Or do you have other exciting yet peaceful destinations you can recommend? Tell us in the comments below.

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