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Airbnb on Yachts – where can we find this arrangement?

While traveling, living in an Airbnb rental gives you a unique alternative to traditional hotels, giving you more comfort and freedom. From treehouses to sailboats, there is a ton of different options for the adventurous traveler. Airbnb also offers an impressive selection of yachts that any water lover would be delighted to hire. We’ve rounded up the best places you can find this arrangement all over the world.

Landlubbers need not apply!

Best Airbnb on Yachts

Yachts under sail

1. San Diego

San Diego is among the most vibrant cities in America, receiving thousands of visitors every month. The city is known for its warm climate, pristine beaches and parks that attract tons of tourists annually. Thankfully, you can rent a yacht and enjoy the San Diego waters for just a few hundred dollars a night.

For about $600, you can enjoy the San Diego waterfront accommodation with a luxury yacht. Located in a private setting, the yacht has all the necessary amenities and an electric fireplace to warm you at night. The yacht is docked within walking distance to the several restaurants, bars, and Mission Beach.

The yacht has two large couches and a TV set with a surround sound system, making it very entertaining and homely. Its two staterooms both have a private shower and bathroom, making the yacht ideal for two to four people, though it can accommodate up to six guests. The deal includes free parking, with boat and bike rentals being within walking distance.

2. Miami

In the past, being a yacht captain in Miami was only a daydream for many. Today, sailboats and super-yachts such as the Pershing 92 are easily available for hire with just a few hundred dollars. With a little over $100, you can set sail on a privately owned yacht and take your adventure up the East Coast to Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale.

In Miami, Airbnb yachts come in various sizes and great amenities to make your vacation memorable. You can get a cozy yacht with a kayak on board for just $120 or hire a luxury yacht with a private charter for about $1200. There are several yacht rental options off the Miami coast, giving you great memories to take home while going easy on your pockets.

3. Barcelona, Spain

With breathtaking sceneries and dramatic architecture, Barcelona is living art canvas with vivacious culture and dazzling dishes. The city combines a modern allure with timeless appeal, giving you plenty of amazing experiences. With less than $100, you can enjoy Barcelona’s beautiful seaside from a gorgeous yacht with a terrace. Those prices are very affordable even for students.

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With about $150, you and your six or eight guests can enjoy waking up to the gentle sound of waves lapping against a stunning yacht. From such a lovely yacht, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Barcelona’s breathtaking skyline. Moreover, the country offers an outstanding foodie culture and nightlife.

Wrap up

If you like sea life, you can book an Airbnb yacht or a sailboat for your next vacation. Staying on an Airbnb boat rental not only offers a unique alternative to traditional hotels but also allows you to enjoy beautiful sceneries while sailing across the world.

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