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8 hassle-free Luton Airport hacks

Are you flying from London Luton Airport (LLA) but worried about surviving the chaos and crowds?

Relax – these eight hassle-free hacks will enable you to have the best airport experience possible.

1. Fast track

If you ask people for their biggest gripe about air travel, many would agree that it’s getting through airport security. It’s a nerve-racking and often time-consuming process, but you can speed things up by booking a fast track security ticket on the LLA website. This way, you can spend less time queuing and more time enjoying the airport.

2. Bring your own snacks

Travel is hungry work, but airport shops will charge you an extortionate amount for snacks. So grab your favourite snacks for half the price from shops outside the airport. You can’t do the same with drinks, due to airport rules on liquids, but a thrifty way to stay hydrated is by bringing a bottle and filling it up for free after going through security.

3. Printing

Have you ever left behind important travel documents such as your boarding pass or hotel reservation at home? Luton flyers need not worry – LLA offers a handy printing service at the Excess baggage company opposite the check-in desks.

4. Shopping

No holiday is complete without indulging in some deliciously cheap duty free purchases. And LLA actually offer a shop and collect service, where you can buy items at departures and pick them up when you return. It’s great because it means you won’t have to take your items abroad and you can factor your purchases into your holiday budget.

5. Luggage tracker

If you’re worried about the airport making a mistake with your luggage, you should buy the Trakdot luggage tracker or a similar device. This way, you’ll be able to track the journey of your baggage via an app. So if your bag does end up in the wrong place, retrieving it will be child’s play.

6. Lounge about

If you want some time to relax before your flight, away from the crowds, consider booking into an airport lounge. The perks include complimentary food and drinks, fast wi-fi, comfy seating and much more. To access affordable, one time passes for LLA lounges, you can download the Lounge Buddy App.

7. Driving

Trying to coordinate your required airport arrival time with public transport timetables can be tricky – it’s much more convenient to drive. In your own ride you’ll be more relaxed and comfortable, which is exactly what you want before a flight.

8. Pre-book parking

Airport parking can be pricey, so if you’re driving, you should book in advance and bag yourself an early-bird bargain – you’ll find fantastic Luton Airport parking deals on

Use these hacks and your next visit to LLA is guaranteed to be fun, chilled and easy.

Luton Airport

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